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Welcome to the magical Land of Skcos, where anything can happen and it often does! Skcos is a world full of amazing adventures, where mystical creatures await you and the only limit is your own imagination!

Argyle & Crew is now available for $4.99 as a PDF or $10.00 in print!  Click right here. Want a hard copy? has Argyle & Crew for $9.25 and it’s Prime eligible!

What’s going on here?

Argyle & Crew is a free wheeling system powered by imagination. Rather than a character sheet like a traditional RPG, your character and it’s attributes are all based on a sock puppet, or in Skcos lingo, a Soppet.  Each Soppet has several unique qualities which allow it to do extraordinary things!

Argyle & Crew is great game for children as young as 4 years old.  Short scenarios and active participation keep things lively!  Useful as a learning tool not just for gaming, but for life lessons, Argyle & Crew can easily be used in a classroom setting.  Professionals working on counseling children can find this game equally useful for indirectly or directly exploring past experiences and future anxieties. Use the additional rules for older children or adults and expand the game from a fun, play driven activity to a fully developed RPG, using the One-Shot RPG system.

All versions of the game will be Creative Commons licensed to make availability for educators, professionals, and all interested parties hassle free.  That means yes, you can legally share this game.

PDF not doing it for you?  The Print version available from these retailers:


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Grab it for free on!

Since I’ve released it as a Creative Commons title, allowing the free sharing of it without repercussions, I thought I’d include this link to the .torrent as well.  This is the .zip file containing the three PDFs available at DTRPG.  There’s another .torrent available from Demonoid (which is currently offline?) as well, which is the PDFs in a non-zipped format. That may or may not be working.

News and Reviews

Argyle & Crew has been featured in Wired Magazine’s Geek Dad column.

The Sages of RPG have reviewed Argyle & Crew.

Dice Hate Me has a great write up on the game.

Are you a blogger, podcaster, reviewer or otherwise someone who wants to talk about this game?

Preview copies are ready to go out!  Please do contact me and we’ll talk about getting a copy over to you! I’m happy to provide a PDF.

About the Game

The Land of Skcos is inhabited by all manner of things, but primarily its inhabitants belong to a race of ever changing, always interesting, creatures called Soppets.  Soppets are a magical breed of intelligent, funny, thrill seeking socks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Socks. Soppets start off as simple socks, laying about the land with little purpose and less life. It takes the creativity and individuality of a person to give a Soppet life.

While Soppets make up the most common inhabitants of Skcos, there are all manner of other creatures that can be found. The list of inhabitants is constantly growing and changing and is limited only by imagination.

Argyle & Crew can be a game of simple storytelling as players gather around a table, or it can be a rollicking romp as players scamper around in a scavenger hunt, race to be the first to discover an artifact, and act out their parts in a greater story.

All you need to enjoy Argyle & Crew are a few socks, some magic markers, and various items you’ll find around the house or classroom.

Argyle & Crew is an extremely open ended game by its very nature. The more structure that is applied to it, the less open it becomes.  To that end, I’ve included several variants on the basic rule set.  Keep in mind that this is your game – you can choose to keep or discard rules as you see fit.  Adding new rules (or “house rules”) is also perfectly fine!  Do what you will to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for you and your group.

How is the game played?

At it’s most basic level, the game has a Guide (usually an adult), who creates the basis for a story, and then facilitates it’s telling by giving the players a Goal, and Challenges that they must overcome.

Additional rules allow for more complex play with limited options for each players Soppets, right through to a d6 based, rules-lite Role Playing Game.

Knock Your Socks Off – the Argyle & Crew soundtrack

A bit more like a mix tape actually – 10 DRM free, creative commons licensed songs which I feel can add to your game. Not just your Argyle & Crew game, but any game.  Like the songs?  Download the albums directly from the artists, for free!  Get it free from DriveThruRPG.

The Wayne Foundation

I’ve written about the Wayne Foundation here before. This 503(c) organization is just getting off the ground and it will be doing important work! Founded by Jamie Walton, with help from Kevin Smith,  the Wayne Foundation’s vision is for a world without child slavery. Their mission is to provide young women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking with a means of leaving the sex industry for good.

I’m proud to say that 25% of any money made from the sale of this game will go directly to the Wayne Foundation.

The Wayne Foundation is committed to fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation one victim at a time by providing individuals with a safe home environment that will empower them with the tools they will need to stop the cycle of abuse. It is our intent to end commercial sex exploitation within the United States through direct victim assistance, public outreach, and by directly working with those who shape the policies and statutes which impact victims and their abusers.

“We believe that all victims can be rehabilitated through a program that provides education assistance, mental and physical health services, housing, and a support staff who are dedicated to assisting these girls reach their full potential. It is our objective to aid these young women until they are capable of reentering society on their own as happy and healthy adults.”

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