The Gods of Aruneus – available today!

The latest Aruneus PDF has hit the streets! The Gods of Aruneus is available as of today, for $1.00 at Drive Thru RPG. Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics, and lives of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie... Continue Reading →

Young man writes a zombie story. Gets arrested and charged with a felony.

Seriously. What is going on with this country, or more appropriately with the state of Kentucky, when someone writes a piece of fiction and is arrested for a crime. The young man (he's an 18 year old high school student) wrote a piece of Zombie fiction for his high school English class. Being a zombie story, there was blood and gore. Being a high school student, he chose a setting he was familiar with - high school.

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