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Hey There boys and girls,

Your favourite Aussie Wargamer here to let you know that I have been uploading videos like mad on my Youtube channel! I have been doing product reviews and V-Logs. I also have a few battle reports for those who like seeing how we do it down under! So please subscribe to the channel to stay up to date!New Sign

Now I need to have 100 subscribers to get a custom URL for the channel, you can help by subscribing!

New Podcast will be out later this week, bringing up the episode count to 7!



Minecraft – Not your Average Indie Game.

I’ve been absent a while from Troll in the Corner and I think this game is partly why.  What game could pull someone away from writing for so long you say?  Well its a little game I like to call crafty, buildy, scary thingie. In other words Minecraft.

If you’ve never heard of this Indie game Minecraft I’m here to make sure that you don’t blind yourself when you get out from under that rock.

Minecraft is as retro style, survival, horror, exploration and building game.  Its pretty much Lego from a first person view, where you can make tools and build immense structures.  At night there are  hoards of zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers that spawn and want to kill you.

The one that stands out the most and is a fan favorite is the creeper.  They often sneak up on you and do a kamikaze explosion as soon as they are close enough.  When they are about  to blow up they make a “SssSsSSss” sound that is like a fuse being lit.

One of the addicting qualities of Minecraft is the audible ‘POP’ you hear after picking up or destroying a block.  Its akin to the pop you might hear from bubble wrap.

I’ve been playing Minecraft since it was in the Alpha phase and its been a pleasure to watch the game and its fan base grow in a huge way.

Indie game developer Markus Persson (Widely known as ‘Notch’) created the game Minecraft in his spare time.  Eventually he was able to quit his job and live off the sales of the steadily growing games fan base.  The game became so popular that Notch was able to build a company fully staffed and immediately start work on another game.

Being in the alpha and seeing the game grow while watching Notch tweet his every move, was something I don’t know that I will get a chance to experience again.

Be sure to check out the game at  The creative version of the game is free to play.

I also did a small adventure spanning around 9 episodes on youtube.  Check out the first one below.


Metagame, RPG Web Series

Via, I just discovered a great new gamer web series called Metagame, that focuses on the out of character comedy that transpires at a typical game table, with little dips into character done in some fun, cheesy cartoons.

Their first episode, below, is the best place to start.  Though it’s only picking up in the latest episodes, these short little tabletop humor vignettes actually do seem to link up to an ongoing story, so make sure to watch them all and watch them in order by visiting their channel HERE.

Anyone who has been behind the DM Screen knows that last shot so well.

The Metagame Group

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Amazing new Aion Footage!

This is footage that is for features that are on their way.  I was happy to see characters swimming, on mounts, underwater battle and tons of little features that you just need to watch and see.


I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.  Now I just need to jump back into Aion and start leveling up my character again.

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Pulp Wave Fiction.

I have been a fan of Google Wave since I saw the long introduction video of theirs about 2-3 months ago. But I recently saw a video on youtube that threw the usage of how google wave can be used over the top. Check it out. (Harsh language from Pulp Fiction warning.)


I found it humorous and really educational on what you can really do with Wave. Most people think that Google wave is just another chat program, but its so much more.

Its supposed to be an open source email program where they took the concept of a chat and forum like structure where you can add maps video’s and see everything updated in the wave as its done. Its truly a next step in email and the fact that its open source is really showing Google wants to share their work.

Particularly I like the part where you can send someone a document and everyone that you’ve added to the wave can edit the document and improve it. Its like Google documents without all the hassle of getting someone else to sign up so they can edit with you.

I hope you all are as hyped up as I am to get to try Google wave. In all honesty this video just fanned the flames!

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