The Hobby Desk Season 1 Episode 4

Podcast # S1E4 Episode Topic: Queen's Birthday Worst and 6mm Hosts: Joshua Shoobridge   Hobby Update NEW STUDIO SPACE! Shed and all ready to rock and roll! Hence why I have been so quiet of late. Painting with an airbrush a bunch of 6mm! Useful links! Beasts of War Kiwi6 Artists Twitter -¬†Josh@thehobbydesk Facebook WargamerAu... Continue Reading →

  The Greenskins crushed my Bone Brethren, but not without a fight.   Both armies arrogantly¬†marched onto the battlefield. The Greenskins arrived ready to WARRRGH as the Reckless undead stood to protect their realm of Khemri. The servants of Settra the Imperishable arrived to the field mounted on horseback, chariot, war sphinx and carried by... Continue Reading →

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