Wargaming Ancient Rome

Who doesn't love ancient Rome?  American cinema is full of action-packed films depicting ancient Rome, glorifying the Roman civilization, and enrapturing audiences for decades.  But, "what the heck does this have to do with wargaming and why is Jonathan writing about it?  Doesn't he do that podcast thing instead of blogging?" Listeners to my show,... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon #87: TotalCon 27

TotalCon 27. Fix yourself a snack, sit in a comfy chair, and ready yourself to listen to a mammoth Wargaming Recon episode. Total Confusion 27 is discussed at length. Jonathan recorded audio live at the con from his hotel room. That audio forms the first hour of this episode. The second hour covers Friday night... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon #85: 5 Goals for 2013

5 Goals for 2013. Last year I set my (Un)Realistic Goals for 2012. Liking the idea I am continuing the trend with my 5 Goals for 2013. Improve Accessibility Consistently Release Great Content Nurture a Strong and Growing Community Mix It Up Give Back Also discussed: New recording workflow using new equipment: Behringer XENYX 802... Continue Reading →

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