A new “How to play” video and some new artwork revealed for Swamped

swamped chief

Bellwether Games recently uploaded a new how-to-play video for my game Swamped! It’s more concise and a bit shorter than the original game play video.


In addition to the new video, there’s some new artwork! Above is the Local Chef, one of the characters available in the base game. Here’s some more artwork for a few of the treasure cards and some of the direction cards!

swamped kingsfoil swamped north

If you’re liking what you see, please consider backing the game on Kickstarter! It’s $12+2 shipping to the US, which is very competitively priced! Bellwether Games has some amazing stretch goals planned as well and we’d really like to see them get unlocked!


The Greenskins crushed my Bone Brethren, but not without a fight.


My Howda crew from my Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx
GET THEM! My Howda crew from my Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx

Both armies arrogantly marched onto the battlefield. The Greenskins arrived ready to WARRRGH as the Reckless undead stood to protect their realm of Khemri. The servants of Settra the Imperishable arrived to the field mounted on horseback, chariot, war sphinx and carried by a magical cloak that caused the sands around them to carry the wearer around the field of war. Two Liche Priests accompanied the regiment. One was a learned high priest.  Due to his rank he was adorned in the Cloak of Dunes. His apprentice of many years accompanied the cavalry on horseback. Each could move across the field with haste.  They had 5 spells between them to protect and strengthen their brothers in arms.

The Greenskin invaders:

Quarreling together as they marched onto the field it was a wonder that such an army could operate. The Orc foot soldiers bickered as they fought each other for control of the ranks which made them charge unsuccessfully into a line of cavalry. Their archers also failed to work together. While these sections fought amongst themselves, the hulking mass holding the left flank emerged.  His stench unbearable for the living.  Luckily the Army of Khemri had lost their ability to notice such odors.  The giant that had followed the army into the battle saw his prize. The horseman’s bones of the Tomb Kings would be a valuable tool for him to pick the remains of the unlucky that became trapped between his foot and the earth from his toes. He swung his club and scattered the bones of only but a few of the gallant horseman.

Retaliation Can Be Deadly:

The cavalry took the head on attack by the enemy giant swinging his club in a large swathe at them.  Meanwhile chariots picked their target and the night goblins eyes lit up as they saw the would-be death charging before them.  The night goblins collectively smirked.  With a single unspoken command they released the fanatics.  The fanatics leapt out from the night goblin ranks.  Traveling across the ground they attacked the charging chariots.  Despite having the advantage of a well-planned charge the chariots were destroyed as soon as they came within striking range of the goblin swords.  This hurt the Skeleton warriors deeply, however no brain meant no psychological harm happened. They kept marching forth.

Death is the Only Adventure,

As the Army of the Tomb Kings tried to inflict as much damage as possible they failed in keeping the important people animated. The assault by the giant caused the cavalry to crumble to dust. This left the Hierophant, the Warsphinx and the Casket of Souls in the battle to deal with the greenskin menace. After the death of the Hierophant at the hands of the giant, the remaining units worked together to cause as much damage as possible, though not enough to save them both. The Orcs had won, their greenskin could be seen raiding the lost tombs of the fallen enemy. Remember that those who sleep beneathe the desert sand will awaken again.

The Forces that Clashed.

For those who have watched the YouTube clip, the points were 1200 a side and this battle is a part of a 12o0 point round robin competition.


Watch the video:




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Edo’s Game Previews: Biblios Dice – Episode 40

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Steve Finn was kind enough to send me the Biblios Dice prototype and I quickly fell in love with this game. It isn’t what most people would consider a “dice” version of a game, nor does it suddenly convince me Monks are cool(see my Biblios review: http://bit.ly/EdoBib), but it is a brilliant design, fun to play, and filled with great player interaction and decision making. The core mechanic, Dice drafting works extremely well as does the auction and track mechanics.

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