The Supplicant – a new Pathfinder character class

Forged from the resolve of a single tortured soul, the Supplicant is willing to give up everything to become that which they are devoted to destroy. They are a force of divine power bent on the destruction of the zombie hordes which plague Aruneus and have sworn a sacred oath to themselves to fight until the last of the undead are destroyed.

The State of Aruneus

Hello again! It's been a little while since I've sat down and talked Aruneus, zombies and where I am in the production of this source book. I'm a bit overdue.

Cool things afoot for Aruneus. Maps, a layout artist and more! Real zombies in your high fantasy

Lots of cool things going on for the Aruneus Project! I have new art, more new art, maps and a person who's going to give the project a whole new look. If this looks interesting, you may wish to become a backer and find yourself with lots of interesting rewards above and beyond a new Pathfinder RPG expansion. New to Aruneus? Take your standard high fantasy world, add to it a massive zombie apocalypse which wipes away 90% of the population and then fast forward 100 years. Now you're in the world of Aruneus. We're 68% of the way to a completely funded project as of this writing - 20 days to make it the rest of the way. Will you be the one to tip the balance?

The World of Aruneus – The Orcs! A Player Character Race now available!

For thousands of summers we have fought each other and laid our souls under the feet of others. When they first set on us, we had no War Leader and we died. For a hundred summers we have died. Now, now you've chosen me as your War Leader and we live! We rip our own gold out of our hills! We forge our own steel with which to slay! Our bards sing songs of glory and of learning now! Our builders have learned the art of stone and our cities prosper! You have chosen me as I have chosen you and we will never more lie under the feet of another race! We will forge our empire with our steel, build our cities with our own gold and become a mighty, mighty race! A race that fears no enemy, living or dead!

Zombie Apocalypse. High Fantasy. 21 days.

3 weeks to an independently produced, Pathfinder licensed source book. There are 21 days left to raise awareness and raise money for the World Of Aruneus project. Friends, if you wouldn't mind spreading the word and this link: I'd appreciate it! Twitter, facebook, reddit, digg, email, graffiti - getting the word out is critical!

Official Aruneus campaign premiering at KantCon!

Our first module for the official campaign, The Haunted Mine will be premiering at KantCon! We're on the official docket with slots for 3-5 people. This is a 1st level module introducing the player characters to the World of Aruneus and will also utilize our previously released Contagion Infected Human Zombies and Zombie Cards publications.

The Zombies are here! World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Human Zombies and Zombie Cards now available!

I am proud to present The World of Aruneus - Contagion Infected Human Zombies and Zombie Cards! Both available now at DriveThruRPG. This supplement contains everything you will need to insert Contagion Infected Human Zombies into any Pathfinder campaign. Whether you're basing your campaign the world of Aruneus or simply want to include a zombie outbreak in an existing or new campaign world, this supplement is for you. Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics and life of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie apocalypse.

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