The Game Mechanic: Xanatos Gambits.

A Xanatos Gambit, according to TV Tropes, is a two-tiered plan designed to assure victory, even in the face of apparent defeat. It's named after a character from a certain animated series who was a master at this particular tactic, and would often use it to manipulate the story's protagonists into fulfilling his own goals... Continue Reading →

Five Handy Resources For Almost Any GM.

Plotting out a decent campaign can be difficult, especially for us older hands who are used to keeping everything about our created worlds safely tucked away in a few spiral-bound notebooks. Luckily, things have progressed quite a bit since those golden days, and the vast wonders of the interwebs can make life a lot easier... Continue Reading →

Creating and Implementing Technology.

Do you have a piece of equipment you've been wanting to add to your game? Well, grab your corebook of choice and we'll cover four basic considerations for implementing new tech into your game. I’ll be using the Savage Worlds system for this particular exercise, but the methods we’re going to go over can be... Continue Reading →

Building a Better Short Game

    Short campaigns are a fairly common occurrence  in my group. We have a lot of players, so it's a good way to run part games, try new systems, let the regular GM's have a crack at playing, and take a break from an ongoing campaign before the person running it decides it to... Continue Reading →

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