More activity – maybe a new direction – more reviews!


Like it usually does, life has a way of happening. Sometimes the site ebbs and sometimes it flows. Hopefully, with some big old life stuff now out of the way or in the rear-view mirror, the flowing will be starting again! You may have noticed some more reviews popping up. You may also have noticed that soon to be 11 year old has taken an interest in reviewing games as well.

You should be seeing more reviews from the both of us starting two weeks ago and continuing on for as long as we can manage! I’ve got a number of unplayed games in my collection and I’m doing my best (with my youngest daughter’s help) to get them all out to the table and played. My goal for right now is at least one decent review a week. With the holidays coming up I don’t know if that’ll be sustainable but I’m going to try my best!

You may also see a few other authors stopping in from time to time to add to the general pile of game reviews.

If you’ve been to the site before, thanks for coming back! If not, welcome and we hope you’ll stick around!

The Hobby Desk YouTube Channel!

Hey There boys and girls,

Your favourite Aussie Wargamer here to let you know that I have been uploading videos like mad on my Youtube channel! I have been doing product reviews and V-Logs. I also have a few battle reports for those who like seeing how we do it down under! So please subscribe to the channel to stay up to date!New Sign

Now I need to have 100 subscribers to get a custom URL for the channel, you can help by subscribing!

New Podcast will be out later this week, bringing up the episode count to 7!



Kick The Box May 26th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

May 26th Edition

I hope everyone that observes Memorial Day had an amazing gaming three day weekend. I know I did! I hope everyone else had a phenomenal weekend and Monday. This week I have some Trobils causing trouble, hand made dice bags, superheroes, and movies! Here’s the latest news and than on with the show!

Kickstarter News: Another successful campaign has ended for Saar Shai with his The Agents Return campaign, raising a little over $160,000. MAGE Company’s  12 Realms: Ancestor’s Legacy is still going strong with seven stretch goals already unlocked! Andrew Harman’s Frankenstein’s Bodies is over halfway being funded! You can find my interview with Andrew Harman from this last week  here.

Asking For Trobils

Project By: Christian Strain

Image does not represent the final product as stretch goals may increase production value of the game.

The quiet system of O-renj resides in a quiet corner of the galaxy. The good natured beings that inhabit this system are friendly, peaceful, and content. That is, until the Trobils showed up. Than the trouble started. These, nasty, destructive varmins are disrupting the normal quaint lives of this otherwise peaceful universe.

Asking For Trobils is a 2-5 player worker placement game with a twist. Players will be placing their ship(s) on various resource collecting spots on the board, gaining the necessary resources to build various traps to capture the nasty Trobils and than fling them towards the sun. The twist is that it will take  an action to place and remove the ship from the different areas. But, if someone needs the same resource that another player’s ship is occupying, than they can bump that ship off that spot and back into their hand. It becomes a win/win situation for both. The player with the newly obtained spot  gets the resources they need, and the other player doesn’t’ have to waste an action gathering their ship.

Shipping in the US is included. Add between $20-$45, depending on pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster

Project By: Hobby World LLC

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is an award winning game that was released in Russia in 2o13 and is finally making it’s way to the States and beyond.

Your job as CEO of a multi million dollar movie company is to hire actors, actresses, and directors, plus buy movie plots and other support roles and use them to create blockbuster movies. The goal is to try to have the most money by the end of the game.

H:MYOBB is a card drafting game similar to 7 Wonders and Fairy Tails, but for the really good actors, actresses, directors, and plots, you’ll need to bid for them against your opponents.

Shipping within US included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Capes & Villians

Project By: Henry Lam

If Sentinels of the Multiverse and Marvel Dice Masters was to ever bear a child, it would probably look like Capes & Villains. Bearing similarities to both games, it stands on it’s own as another alternative superhero universe with some interesting mechanics. In Capes & Villains, players will use a super hero specific card deck and dice to help with combat.  The game scales from 2-12 players and offers several different modes of play including Solo, Tag Team, Multiplayer, and Versus.

I do enjoy the artwork, even though it has a similar style to Sentinels, and also like the names of the characters they have created that pay homage to other well known super heroes. How can you not love superheroes with names such as Wonder Spy, Dead Arrow, and best of all, Dr. Cthulhu. There are these and many more you can choose to do battle with!

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Knitted Knerd Dice Bags

Project By: Tabletop Crafts

Does your new Marvel Dice Masters collection of dice need a new home?  Or maybe you are just looking for a new dice bag for your random collection of dices. Either way, Chelle is willing to help you with your problems,(for a small price, of course)

These unique,  handmade, crocheted dice bags are absolutely gorgeous. You can choose from a list of basic items that include a potion vial, a bomb with feet and crank, (think a certain bad guy from a famous video game that stars a plumber), choice of fruit, or sushi. Or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Designs pictured above and nab yourself a Meeple or Cthulhu himself to hold your Arkham or Eldritch Horror Dice OR better yet, for your new monster bag. Whatever your need is, Chelle is there to help all the nerds in the world with their organizing needs.

Shipping is included for US backers. Backers in Mexico and Canada should include an additional $5 to cover shipping costs. BACKERS IN ALL OTHER COUNTRIES PLEASE CONTACT CHELLE BEFORE BACKING.

Thanks again to all who took the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. Feel free to hit the subscribe so you won’t miss my weekly edition of Kick The Box and other wonderful articles and podcasts you will find on Troll In The Corner. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box April 7th Edition 2014

Kick The Box

April 7th Edition

I don’t know about all of you, but I am wiped out from Saturday’s Gaming Events! I hope all of you had a great International Tabletop Day and rest of the weekend. I have the Board Game Community notifications set on my phone, and it had been blowing up all day Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see all the pictures and posts about everyone’s gaming days. Now on with the show! This week’s edition of Kick The Box has several great games and game accessories currently being funded. Check out this week’s picks after the newsbreak.

Kickstarter News: Tuscany‘s campaign ends on April 9th, and has already collected over $360,000 in pledges! Pirate’s Den is fully funded with a couple days left in their campaign! Rahdo Runs Through has a little over a week left in his campaign and is also successfully funded! Be sure to check these out before it’s too late! For all you 12 Realms fans, MAGE Company has announced a Kickstarter for the first expansion for the game, set to go live in May. Be on the lookout for that!

Troll Hunt

Project By: Roll D6 Games

The Trolls are starting to wreak havoc upon your village. You and a handful of Troll Hunters head into the forest with your trusty magical lamps and mirrors. The Trolls are dangerous, but they have one weakness, a blinding ray of light into their eyes will petrify them.

Troll Hunt features a modular board for a different landscape and gaming experience every time.  Players will take turns placing their lanterns along the edge of the board, and than placing their mirrors and moving them on the board, trying to get the angle of the mirrors to reflect the magical lamps beam of light into a Trolls eyes. The player with the most petrified trolls wins the game!

Shipping worldwide is listed on the pledge level.

CLASH! Dawn of Steam

Project By: Mad Ape Games

In this asymmetric 2 or 4 player card game, one player dawns the role of the Champion of Light, trying to protect the ten sacred locations, while the other player accepts their role, Herald of Fear, and are trying to burn these locations to the ground.

A new found era has arrived upon the world of Asyria, ushered forward from the findings of a new magical energy. You are one of the pioneers of this new found magical wonder. Do you use it for good and help protect the good folks that can’t protect themselves, winning their love and support, or do you choose to strong arm your way to the elitist status, burning and destroying everyone and everything that tries to oppose you?

The game is rich with character and backstory and sets itself up nicely for many unique expansions to retain your interest in the land of Asyria.

Shipping within the US is included. Add $15-$20 to your pledge for shipping outside the US.

Creative Clash

Project By: The Infantree

Creative Clash is a 2-4 player game where you and your companions take the roles of a Principal, a head of your Creative Agency. Each Principal has an unique ability that could benefit you throughout the game. Hire employees, enhance their skills, and buy ‘stuff’ to help inflate your ego, which is the ultimate goal of the game.

There are also event cards that you can acquire, which adds a ‘take that’ aspect to the game, creating player interaction. Will your employee have a bike accident, putting him/her out of the game? Or maybe another agency steals your beloved employee for their own.

There are also Project cards. Project cards are the projects that your company is currently working on or has finished. You play these when you meet the requirements needed to help boost your cash flow and ego. Generally, the requirement of these are different type of employees and skills. The bigger the project, the better the rewards and payout.

Will you lead your agency to success, inflating your ego over the top? Or will your agency crash and burn, leaving you penniless and deflated?

Shipping to Canada and US is included in the pledge. For shipping to EU, customs and shipping is also included in the pledge. There is a pledge level for all other countries to cover the shipping costs.

Tabletop Season 3

Project By: Geek & Sundry


For almost a year now, my focus of this weekly article has been on Kickstarter funded tabletop games and game accessories. This was for two simple reasons. One, my wallet can’t afford one crowd funding source, let alone two or three, and I don’t really have the time to explore all the crowdfunding platforms every week, looking for things that I find intriguing. So, I decided to stick to the juggernaut of crowdfunding websites, Kickstarter. Of course, there is always an exception to this ‘rule’. Mostly, because I didn’t have to search for this game accessory. It found me.

I’m sure most of  you have already heard about the news already, but for the couple of readers that might have been stuck under a rock for the last couple of days, or are still recovering from International Tabletop Day, and missed it, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have announced a Season 3 of Tabletop on Felicia Day’s Youtube channel Geek & Sundry. And, they would like to make it better than it ever has been, by breaking away from Google’s money and asking their viewers and fans for support, via the crowdfunding website

I am a  big fan of the show and would love to see this campaign a runaway success for them. Since they are three days into the campaign, and have already reached 60% of their funding, I think this will be more possible than Wil Wheaton winning a game on his own show.

Add $10 to your pledge level for International Shipping for any physical perks and swag from your donation. Any shipping within US is included.

A lot of great things happening in the World of Tabletop Gaming. Feel free to subscribe for your weekly dosing of Kickstarter news and picks. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box Dec. 16th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 16th Edition

Hey Kick-The-Boxers! Another week has passed, and another Monday is upon us, kicking our arses into ‘Go Mode’. I found some great treasures this week hidden behind some Kickstarter thumbnails. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

Update: Machina Arcana’s campaign is closing in on the $100,000 mark as it approaches it’s final week of it’s campaign. Gripmat’s campaign also continues to go strong as it has surpassed 300% of it’s funding goal with three weeks left in it’s Kickstarter campaign remaining. Ryuutama just wrapped up it’s successful campaign.

Everwrought – The Perils of Promise

Project by: Tall Tale Studios

I’m really liking the sounds of this  world that Tall Tale Studios has created. The world consists of two massive continents that have been at war since before the dawn of time. In between these two continents lies a string of hundreds of islands known as The Footprints. Most of these islands have aligned themselves with one or the other continent, but they all wish that the war would have ended long ago. On one of the smaller islands among The Footprints, lies one island  where your hero’s adventures will start and possibly end. This island is called Promise.

Everwrought will have it’s own simpler, easy for beginners, house rules, while at the same time are compatible with the standard existing systems,  DnD(4th Edition), Pathfinder, Fate, and DW.

Everything needed to start your campaign will be in the box, including a 350+ page campaign setting book, 10 minis, and 3 double-sided maps.

Keep checking back this week as I get the pleasure to pick at the gray mass of one of the creators, Kevin Register in an email interview. This should be done and posted by end of the week at the latest.

Shipping within the US is included. Include $15 to your pledge for International Shipping.

Mega Man

Project by: Jasco Games

Enter the world of Mega Man via Tabletop! Can it be done? Can the game that redefined side scrollers for many generations and still continues to do so be successfully br turned into a tabletop game?

Jasco Games thinks so. This 2-4 player (2-8 player ability with expansions) pits you and your fellow Mega Man competitors in a race to be the first to beat the required number of Robot Masters and enter into Dr. Wily’s lair and defeat him.

Grab your power ups, jump into your blue suit, and enter this exciting action packed side scroller themed tabletop board game called Mega Man.

All shipping is within North America. Jasco Games is looking into expanding their license to include international shipping. They are hoping to have news on that very soon.

Anime Miniatures

Project by: M&K Adventures

Sculpt by Hector (Hec) Moran.

With the amount of successful Anime themed RPG’s on Kickstarter like OVA , Tears of a Machine, and Ryuutama, it would only make sense to have some gorgeous anime inspired miniatures to use as your adventurers avatars for your newly created universes.

All 8 of the base set that are being offered in this Kickstarter campaign are gorgeous replicas of different themed anime styled figures, each  begging to have a personality attached to them and let loose upon your created universe.

There are also more figurines waiting to be unlocked in the stretch goals.

Shipping within US is free. You can visit M&K Adventures International shipping webpage here for international shipping details.

War of Keys: Overture

Project by: Nicholas D. Rossum

War Of Keys is a Final Fantasy Tactics inspired Miniatures Role Playing Game set in the Empire of Tharelia.

Instead of creating only one character, you will create a unit of 3-5 characters with 19 different classes to choose from and hundreds of unique pieces of equipment. Your unit will choose a faction in The Tharelian Empire to serve and can eventually be expanded into a unit of 8-9 characters.

One of the mechanics that stands out compared to other miniatures is the unique character activation system that captures the style of character activation in turn based video game classics like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Shipping for the physical products are US only and included.

There you go! This week’s picks it is. Hit the subscribe button or check back later this week for the interview with Everwrought’s creators. Til next time, keep on throwing the dice, meeting the meeples, and kicking the box.

Extra Life Game-a-thon 2013


November 2nd is a special day here at Troll in the Corner. For many people it is simply another Saturday. For Troll in the Corner it takes on a greater meaning.

This year it is the date of the Extra Life 24 25 hour Game-a-thon. Extra Life is a charity that raises money to provide medical care for children who otherwise would be incapable of paying for the care. 100% of the proceeds raised by Extra Life are given to hospitals across the United States.

Last year Editor-in-chief Ben Gerber became involved as a participant to raise funds because the Boston Childrens Hospital helped his youngest child with care she needed. Ben recruited Jonathan and the two raised heaps of money.

In 2012 it was a joy to gather at Ben’s home, play games with his family, live-blog our progress, and dedicate 24 hours of our lives for this exceptional cause.

Ben decided to raise the bar for 2013. He created Team Troll. Seven members of the gaming community joined the team in the hopes of raising $1,500. Ben is once again gaming at his home.

Taking a page from Ben’s book of tricks, Jonathan is upping his game. He’s hosting a game day at Wargaming Recon Central and will be live-blogging throughout the day.

There’s a few tricks up Troll in the Corner’s sleeve.

So far Team Troll has raised $5,922. It’s not too late to donate!

If you want to make a donation:

Donate to Ben

Donate to Jonathan

Kick The Box Oct.14th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Oct. 14th Edition

Welcome back to another Kick The Box Monday. This week we have some Kingdom Building, a new website that is trying to get it’s foot into the Internet door, and some other futuristic goodies.

Updates: Ninja Dice still has two weeks left in it’s campaign and is already 17% over it’s funding goal. If dice rolling is your thing (who’s isn’t it?), than, if you haven’t already, creep over to their Kickstarter page, and help slice through the remaining stretch goals. Warboard has a week left in it’s campaign, as well, and is fully funded. Miniature Gamers now is your chance to possess a beautiful set of gaming boards.

Castle Rising

Project by: Lost Games Entertainment LTD.

Castle Rising Overview

Castle Rising is  a three to six player strategic and economic board game. Your goal is to create the most prosperous Kingdom and achieve the most Victory Points by the end of the game. You achieve this victory by sending your peasants and rangers out to collect the necessary resources. Your knights are placed on the board in an attempt to accumulate ‘Battle Tokens’ which are used to help score victory points at the end of the game.

The gold you have acquired can be used during a bidding phase to acquire more resources. And with the resources collected, you build units and buildings for their special abilities and victory points. With a little bit of lady luck on your side and a lot of strategic building and planning, you can take your Empire to new heights and become the most prosperous Kingdom in the land.

Shipping in the UK is included and anyone shipping outside of the UK will need to add £15.

Tavern Keeper

Project by: TavernKeeper

The next step in evolutionary tabletop gaming has found it’s way to Kickstarter. Tavern Keeper wants to become the ‘go to’ website  for you when it comes to building dynamic character sheets for RPG’s. The first system they are going to make compatible with their website is the FATE Core system. The Tavern Keeper team also wants to build a House Rules Manager that will allow GM’s to create rule-sets, add skills/abilities/gear, and anything else to their campaigns.

Some of the Tavern Keeper’s systems, such as the Character Sheet Forms, and the Dynamic Fate Character Sheets, will be free to everyone. Others, such as the Dynamic Character Sheet Calculator will be available with a one time, small fee. Or, you can become a monthly subscriber and have the ability to use all of those systems, and the House Rules Manager.

What I’ve mentioned is just a tip of the iceberg of what the people behind Tavern Keeper have high hopes of accomplishing and I strongly suggest you check out their Kickstarter.

For all of you GM’s and RPG enthusiasts, this is going to be an easy way to keep track of character’s stats and be able to print them up or use your tablet to easily upgrade your character as you play.


Project by: Zenion Games, Inc.

NOVUS Offiical Rulebook

The Space Lanes that connected the worlds to one another via space travel have collapsed. You were in transit when the Lanes collapsed and now find yourself, after ten long years, waking up from a cryogenic sleep. SOL introduces himself as your guide and explains the dire situation the planet your ship had crash landed on is in dire need of your assistance. You are a Controller and is being asked by your guide to take control of a Commander and put the wars that are ravishing the lands to rest, once and for all

Novus is a deck building game without the deck building. As soon as you tear open the box, you have decks built and ready to go. Now, all you need is a friend to take control of one of the Commanders with his/her faction, and you to control the other Commander with their faction, and settle the war once and for all. After you get a feel for the game, you can add the ‘building’ aspect of this deck building game, by adding/discarding neutral faction cards to complement your strategy, but faction specific cards stay with their Commanders.

Shipping is included in the US. Check the pledges for International shipping. It ranges from $15 to $25, depending on the pledge level.

2014 Gaming Calendar

Project by: Scott King

20 dice

Every year, I wait ’til the last minute to search for that perfect calendar with a ‘wow’ factor for my home office. Some years, it’s music based and others, it’s been movie or video games based. This year, with Scott’s and his backers help, it’s going to be different.

Scott wants to create a 12 month 2014 Gaming Calendar. Posted on his Kickstarter page are six examples of the black and white style of photography he’ll be using for the calendar, and I have to say they look great! Also,  any backer that pledges $5 or more will get a chance to submit their three favorite games and the most popular three will be added to the calendar. There are also pledges for custom canvas prints, and a chance for you to have Scott create a custom made 2015 calender for you also. So what are you waiting for? Get your calendar shopping done already and be ready for the next year. After all, it is just around the corner.

Shipping is included for the US and there is a pledge level for international shipping.

I just would like to take a second to thank everyone for stopping by, and to Ben and Brent for giving me a space in their world to dust off the keyboard and start writing again. Check back next week for the latest and greatest tabletop games and accessories Kickstarter has to offer and as always . . .

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Losing at Board Games: A Love Letter to Game Enthusiasts

Photo: Jon Beall
Photo: Jon Beall

For this edition of Losing at Board Games I want to talk about sites that I frequent, writers that I read, game reviews that I watch.  Any game columnist, myself included, typically reads quite a bit about the hobby.

When it comes time to make game purchases, there are some reviewers whose endorsements prompt me to immediately add a game on my wishlist.  As a result, my wishlist is quite long.  I won’t discuss how many games I own, because to put a number on it invites the Political Mastermind to say “that’s enough games”.

And it isn’t.  It is never enough games.

There’s a Troll in Your Corner

You didn’t think I would start with anything else, did you? Troll In the Corner is the very site you’re reading right now!  Wow!
I’m going to take a minute and let that awesomeness sink in.  While you are ruminating on the vastness of the Troll resource, enjoy this photo:

heartninjaWho came up with such a great idea for a game?  I’m glad you asked.  It is the mastermind behind Troll madness… Ben Gerber.

Yup.  That Ben Gerber.  And he’s written some pretty compelling stuff.  Recently, I’ve been enjoying his series on game design.  You can find an example here.  Did you click the link?  You need to.  I came to that article for the Gandolf reference.  I stayed for the well-written column.

So of course Ben has some great stuff on this site.  But imagine my happiness that John Pappas is also writing for Troll.

Who is John Pappas?

I’m glad you asked.  John is a librarian with a flower in his hair.  Or at least that’s how I know him from Google+.  He may be the greatest librarian of all time.  Why?  Because he uses his position to unlease awesome games on his community.  You can read his latest article here.  Seriously, you’ve gotta read what this guy writes.

Can You Suggest Some Other Writers?  Troll is great, but it isn’t the only site on the interwebs.

Okay.  You convinced me.

1) Board Stiff, a must-read column by Tiffany Ralph.  You may have noticed that I like conversational writing.  (You did notice, right?) Well, she does conversational writing extremely well, and she has started doing video reviews as well.

2)Father Geek.  Not all writing should be irreverant.  Sometimes I need a dose of solid thorough game reviews.  This is one of the first places I turn.

3) For a blog about only one game: Tales from the Cards is my primary resource for reading about the Lord of the Rings LCG.  Considering playing?  Already play?  This site is a must-read.

Are there any sites I should check out that you assume I’m already visiting?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are.

1)Tabletop.  This is a juggernaut of a show, and some hard core gamers think it isn’t detailed enough.  I understand that criticism, but it is the only show that is entertaining enough that the Political Mastermind doesn’t mind watching with me.  It is humorous and riveting, and friendly to non-gamers.

2)Shut Up & Sit Down.  Want to be hard core?  Abbreviate it as SU&SD.  Want to laugh?  Watch this show.

Any others?

Yep.  Here are a couple more to check out:

3) The Cardboard Republic.  This site is a treasure-trove of reviews and game writing.  The advice is reliable, even though their most recent column is a defense of Monopoly.  Oh wait.  I’ve also defended Monopoly in this column.  So I guess that’s okay.

4) Starlit Citadel.  Yes, they are Canadian.  Yes they are entertaining.  Yes you should bookmark their site.

Hopefully this post gave you the impression that I wanted to shamelessly plug game writers I enjoy. Because that’s what I did.

I’ll return to my ramblings about board games soon, but in the meantime if you want to learn about other game sites, follow me @jonroastscoffee.  There you will find me shamelessly re-tweeting favorite columns I read while on the train.



The Making of Wargaming Recon’s 100th Episode

WGR-100thWargaming Recon celebrated its 100th episode on September 18, 2013. In some ways the 100th episode has been seven years in the making. Each new episode builds on those preceding. The community surrounding the podcast has grown through the years. The continued growth nurtures the show and the larger wargaming community.

Those who podcast know that an episode takes longer to create than the actual playing time. The rule of thumb is to multiply the running time by two. Special episodes can take a lot longer. The seed for episode 100 was planted in November 2012.

Continue reading “The Making of Wargaming Recon’s 100th Episode”

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