Con Report: Total Confusion 30!

From Wednesday, February 17th through Sunday February 21 I found myself and the Mansfield MA Holiday Inn for Total Confusion 30! Total Confusion is New England's largest convention dedicated to tabletop gaming. I don't have the numbers yet but I can tell you that it was a busy convention with a ton going on! Total... Continue Reading →

GE32: 5 Regrets from TotalCon 2013

Episode 31 covered 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2012.  This time Jonathan tackles his 5 regrets from the con.   5 Regrets from TotalCon 2013 5 - Missed out on some awesome games 4 - Didn't network as much as desired 3 - Fewer people in attendance at the panels 2 - Didn't podcast as much... Continue Reading →

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