GE34: 5 Fun iOS Games

Anyone who owns a mobile device has favorite apps.  We are no different and are sharing 5 fun games that you can play on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc) you own. Some are free, some cost money, but all are a lot of fun to play.   5 Fun iOS Games Tiny Troopers -... Continue Reading →

GE32: 5 Regrets from TotalCon 2013

Episode 31 covered 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2012.  This time Jonathan tackles his 5 regrets from the con.   5 Regrets from TotalCon 2013 5 - Missed out on some awesome games 4 - Didn't network as much as desired 3 - Fewer people in attendance at the panels 2 - Didn't podcast as much... Continue Reading →

GE31: 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2013

TotalCon is New England's largest game convention.  2013 marks Jonathan's 3rd year in attendance.  He recounts his top 5 highlights from the con.   Top 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2013 5 - Getting my press badge courtesy of Angelia Parenteau, TC's Promotional Director 4 - Being on Cube of Death hosted by industry guest Peter... Continue Reading →

GE28: 5 Amazing Video Game Albums

Who doesn't play video games?  While you're rescuing princess, flinging birds, and shooting bad guys how much attention do you pay to the music in the game? We highlight 5 amazing video game albums that you must get.   5 Amazing Video Game Albums #5 Video Games Live Level 2 by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra... Continue Reading →

GE18: Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns

Akira Kurosawa defined the American western film and he did so with his Sengoku-jidai samurai films. This episode pays him homage. Jonathan reveals the Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns. These are cinematic masterpieces. 5-Throne of Blood Kagemusha The Hidden Fortress Yojimbo Seven Samurai TCPN Newsletter Each month, or thereabouts, our newsletter will be e-mailed to recipients.... Continue Reading →

GE16: 5 Great Soundtracks

Not everyone movie has a great soundtracks. Bad movies can have amazing soundtracks and amazing movies can have sucky soundtracks. Stay tuned til the end for the Mailbag segment. Jonathan reveals 5 Great Soundtracks. These soundtracks should appeal to various types of geeks. Star Wars Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Juno The Rocky Horror Picture Show... Continue Reading →

GE15: 5 GREAT Graphic Novels

What do you picture when you combine reading and Geeks Explicitly? Graphic novels of course. 5 Great Graphic Novels to be more precise. Jonathan reveals 5 Great Graphic Novels. They contain no superheroes, are not manga, and steer clear of non-fiction. Bone by Jeff Smith FABLES by Bill Willingham Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai Sin... Continue Reading →

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