Kick The Box Feb. 10th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Feb. 10th Edition Well, I managed to survive the Northwest's "big freeze" this weekend. Yep! It finally snowed here. Yeah, no laughing from the rest of North America! We managed to accumulate a whole six inches in three days! Yeah, sad I know. It's been a pretty bizarre dry winter here for... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Feb. 3rd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Feb. 3rd ¬†Edition Normally I have sifted through all of Kickstarter to bring you at least four of my favorite tabletop games and/or game accessories every week. This week I fell short because one of my chosen games was canceled today. I think in the last year since I started writing this... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition

Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition Welcome back to this week's Kick The Box, where I have gone insane with jealousy over some people's talents in the tabletop game community on Kickstarter and feel the need to torture these people by sharing their hard work to the world! Oh wait, that's not really torture is... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Jan. 13th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Jan. 14th 2014 Edition Welcome back to another edition of Kick The Box. This week, while trouncing through ¬†Kickstarter's murky waters, I uncovered several shiny gems. Press on to see what board games and game accessories I have found to be too enticing to pass up. Update: Mega Man The Board Game's... Continue Reading →

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