The Game Mechanic: A Future Near You (Part 2)

Last week we started an article series on technology for near-future settings and adding a few more bits of contemporary technology to the Savage Worlds setting. Today's article is going to focus on generic examples of tech, such as integral computers and adaptive camouflage, ¬†and their potential uses in-game. 1. Drones¬† Robots have been a... Continue Reading →

Gaming and Social Media

  Social media is certainly a modern day buzzword. Despite that I wanted to take some time to pause and take a look at social media and its relationship to RPG gaming. Social media networks seem to have permeated our lives in some form or other. For some social media is Facebook, for others Twitter... Continue Reading →

Comics in the Digital Age

Comics have come a long way since my father's days, from gaining a modicum of respect as an art form to no longer being published in just the traditional paper format. Yes, I'm talking about digital comics.

White Label Space takes the principles of web 2.0 to the freaking Moon

Please join me in welcoming the newest and perhaps most original participants in the Google Lunar X-prize - White Label Space. In essence, this team consists of a bunch of international space professionals (don't we live in a cool age?) who are taking the rogue spirit of making money off of the web and throwing that ideal at the Moon. In a quite literal sense.

Netbooks and faster browsing with Firefox

Since I'm still a geek I'll occasional post a few quick tips on being a geek with tools here on TC. This one contains just a few tricks to speed up your browsing. I use them on all of my computers but they're particularly handy on the little 'uns that have Atom processors or the older models with Celerons. Lets face it, I love my Eee but it isn't a powerful machine, nor was it meant to be.

Steam’s CEG to kill off DRM. Will it be enough to save Steam from OnLive’s video game streaming?

The folks over at Valve and Steam have announced a new update to Steamworks which sounds pretty damned good. In addition to allowing DLC to be available in-game which is cool in and of itself, Steam promises to have a solution to kill DRM and Piracy in one swift blow.This announcement comes on the same day that Onlive announced their new service which, if it works out as they say will really eliminate the need for casual to moderately heavy gamers on PCs and Macs to purchase any cutting edge hardware whatsoever. So Steam is on the top of the heap with their elegant solution to DRM right now. Is it possible that they may not stay there for long if OnLive cuts significantly into their subscription base?

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