Fantasy Flight’s Talisman 4th Edition Massive Review – Base Game, Reaper, Frostmarch, Dungeon, and the Highland

I love Talisman (well, all but the 3rd edition). I've played the 1st edition once or twice, I've owned everything for the 2nd edition and logged hours and hours of play, passed on the 3rd edition to keep playing the 2nd. Now the 4th edition has arrived. What follows is a review of the 4th edition revised game, with every single available expansion thrown in to the mix, as played by 6 players.

Talisman 4th edition gets reviewed, photographed and strip searched

This game brought back a lot of great memories of when we played Talisman 2nd edition. Even more important though it was just as fun in it’s own right playing right now. All of the flaws we found with it are of the nit picking type. Nothing is a deal breaker or will really affect game play. See after the jump for the full review and a complete photo gallery.

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