Bite Sized Interview with Tiffany Simmons

We've all been there. We sit down to game, character sheets lined up, miniature strategically placed, and ready to spend the next several hours immersed in adventure! And then someone gets the munchies. Game is paused, debate ensues on what food to get, dietary needs and cravings discussed, money is pooled, and, eventually, food happens.... Continue Reading →

Full Frontal Gaming

Before you start rolling your eyes, this isn’t a post about sexuality in games or how women should or shouldn’t be portrayed. This is simply about the plain old fact that most women have boobs. And, any size, shape or flavor, there are things to consider in game regarding these modifiers. They are actually very... Continue Reading →

The 6d6 Core System: a review.

Today we're going to be looking at the 6d6 Core setting produced by the folks over at 6d6 Fireball. The designers set out to create a game that was quick and easy to learn, as well as having a light, versatile ruleset that could be applied to a wide variety of genres. After perusing a... Continue Reading →


So the news is out: we're now lumbering toward another iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons game. Well, that's just fine by me. Why, you might ask, would I espouse such enthusiasm for the third edition in twelve years of a game that apparently trundled along on two editions for close to forty years under... Continue Reading →

Tabletop Gamers – a love letter

Early morning on the 15th of September, before the sun had risen, I uploaded the Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Pack to DriveThruRPG. Within two hours, with no advertising, three people had ponied up their $15 to purchase it. By the time 24 hours had passed - our first day in a 15 day sale, we had sold over $810 worth of charity packs, raising over $520 dollars for the Wayne Foundation.

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