The Boston Festival of Indie Games is coming! Come and play some amazing indie table top and video games, or submit your own!

Here's a guest post from Glenn, concerning the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I'm planning on being there and I hope to see you too! Hello game designer/developers!My name is Glenn Given and I am the tabletop producer for the Boston Festival of Indie Games ( a combination digital and tabletop game festival at MIT.... Continue Reading →

Indie Talks Episode 10 – Jason Morningstar

This week we are joined by the gracious and super interesting Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games! We talk about the forthcoming game Durance and Fiasco, the latter being featured on TableTop with Wil Wheaton.  Archipelago II gets some points as Jason's current favorite game,  Baby Wars come up along with impeccable penmanship and using food for preemptive strikes at... Continue Reading →

What does card game development look like?

It looks like this. Here are the very first shots of Upgrade War. This is what prototyping and play testing looks like when it gets into my hands. Three hours of printing, cutting, folding and inserting into plastic card condoms.  This follows a pretty rapid development cycle. Sometimes, you search and curse, and cast about... Continue Reading →

Living Life By Playing The Game

My father views board games as a critical tool for learning concepts such as tactics, probability, and the importance of having flexible plans.  This is why he had to beat me at every game of Risk for two years, he claims.  "I couldn't just let you win.  The game would have been pointless if you... Continue Reading →

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