The Inquisition: Freedom!

The Inquisitor has been on holiday this past week, so I just have a few quick thoughts this week. ┬áNext week we'll continue with our regular features, drilling into the psychological and philosophical aspects of gaming. For now, on the history of the declaration of American Independence, we'll talk about freedom. We've got a lot... Continue Reading →

Descriptive Loss

hat happens when you're not free to describe, in your own words what your character is doing. Sometimes it's the GM being tricksy, and other times, it's the system you're using...

Anima: Beyond Fantasy: The Review

Okay folks, time for a system review. My Tuesday night gaming group recently finished the pilot campaign of this game, and with a monthly game now starting up, I think it's a good time to lay down my thoughts on Anima: Beyond Fantasy.

Becoming Familiar with a New System

We've all been there. It's Game Night, and you're set to make sure that the Evil Thus-and-such doesn't take over the world. You have your character sheet in hand, dice bag at the ready, and when you arrive, all of your fellow players are pouring over a new gaming book. Your grip goes limp, and Sir Elberforth the Bold gently falls to the floor, his meticulously-statted self becoming just another old record sheet in your binder.

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