The Game Mechanic: Mixed Company.

I play with a fairly mixed bag of psychotic cats individuals: a few old hands clashing with the newer generation of gamers, while those with a foot in either camp watch with bemusement from the sidelines. While there are no real edition wars to speak of at our table, the difference between those who have... Continue Reading →

City of Clocks on Kickstarter – check it!

As someone developing their own system neutral source book, I can only applaud the effort that's going into this one! I've chatted online with James who's spearheading this project and it truly sounds amazing! City of Clocks is a systemless industrial fantasy setting focused on a massive city, rich in history, on the brink of... Continue Reading →

The Game Mechanic: Xanatos Gambits.

A Xanatos Gambit, according to TV Tropes, is a two-tiered plan designed to assure victory, even in the face of apparent defeat. It's named after a character from a certain animated series who was a master at this particular tactic, and would often use it to manipulate the story's protagonists into fulfilling his own goals... Continue Reading →

Kingmaker Reflections

  Last week my local gaming group finished up the Kingmaker Adventure Path from Paizo. We started the campaign very near Gen Con 2010 and just finished last week. I was the GM for the campaign as it was my turn in the GM's chair. The campaign was certainly not without its challenges, both in... Continue Reading →

Adventure Modules as Time Savers?

  Like many GMs I find myself strapped for time with responsibilities of work to put food on the table, family events and general chores that need to be done around the household. While I enjoy running games I often look for ways to save some prep time for a game and quite frequently fall... Continue Reading →

Drawing A Blank

  You have a game coming up at the end of the week and your mind keeps wandering in circles, drifting off to other things and not doing what you want it to. Give you ideas for the game you need to run! Think, think and think and it just is not cooperating. You have... Continue Reading →

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