Today only! Something Went Wrong is half price. Never before has a near TPK been so cheap.

Today only! Unless this thing goes on through tomorrow – Something Went Wrong Gold edition is only one and a half stinking dollars.

It’s Friday, which means game night for many. Which means preparations to make, balancing encounters, assigning appropriate loot and all that.

Well not any more! Now you can pick of your friends one by one (in game of course) by causing ridiculously bad things to happen to their characters! All with just about 5-10 minutes of prep time.

Order now and we’ll* not only include free shipping of this PDF, but we’ll also throw in every update that will ever be made in the future, for free .

*We in this instance is the royal we, I actually mean me.

An Indie Publisher sales update – Something Went Wrong, 2 weeks later

As a follow up to my previous post detailing what goes into making a 13 page indie RPG game and giving it away, along with a 19 page not-free version, here are some new numbers.

Something Went Wrong has been available to the public for two weeks and 1 day. In that time I’ve updated the product 5 times to fix niggling bugs and numerical inaccuracies, not to mention a few spelling mistakes. Since it’s release, SWW Free has been downloaded 580 times, not counting folks who downloaded updated versions. That’s a number I’m very happy with!

SWW-Gold, the version with graphics, formatting, character sheet and other goodies has been downloaded 56 times and garnered me a total of $29.90 in total earnings. After DTRPG takes their cut, that leaves me with $19.94. Not bad all in all! A number of folks earned themselves free copies, and downloaded them. A few also went out to reviewers – downloads which often vanish into the ether as I seldom see actual reviews from Featured Reviewers.

There’s the numbers, now here are my thoughts.

From folks in and around the internet communities I hang out on I’ve gotten fairly positive feedback, and enormous help in tracking down bugs and problems. From DriveThruRPG and affiliate sites, I’ve gotten pretty much empty silence. This often puzzles me. Did the 580 people who downloaded the free version hate it so vehemently that they just can’t be bothered to comment? Are the loving it so much they haven’t stopped playing it long enough to rate it? Or do they just not care to rate things in general? I’d love to get some solid feedback on the site I’m selling/giving these from but that just doesn’t happen as often as I (or I suspect other creators) would like.

All in all I’m quite pleased with this. For a short project with no lead-up time, quick development and a public beta/writing phase I think it’s doing quite well.

There you have it, two weeks and a day in and lots of people have grabbed the free version, a bunch of people have grabbed the paid version and some of those folks actually paid for it.

Something Went Wrong – the competitive fantasy RPG where things go horrible wrong

Something Went Wrong

“I tell you, Grimm, Aoli and I have done this a thousand times! This wasn’t supposed to be any different. A few goblins, a troll or two and then treasure. Everything was going great! We were just about to enter the dungeon, and then something went wrong….”

Something Went Wrong is a new, simple and extremely fun competitive fantasy RPG in which things go wrong. Everyone’s the GM and no one is, but not all at once.

A group of skilled adventurers go on one last adventure to secure their futures and fortunes. Something they’ve all done, any number of times. And then something goes wrong. Featuring almost 5 classes, literal tons of gold and monster knitting circles, you won’t want to miss out on this.

The premise is simple! As experienced adventurers, your characters succeed at just about everything in game. The only exceptions are hitting monsters with weapons and hitting monsters with spells. For those, you’ll have to roll.

Players take turns as the GM leading their group of characters through one or more encounters. Every round of each encounter features another player taking the roll of the GM. The goal? Use your experience to cause the other characters to fail spectacularly! The last character left standing wins all the loot and gets to brag about it at the local tavern.

Something Went Wrong is a quick game which can be played with zero preparation. All you’ll need are a d6, a d12, some paper and pencils and a good dose of humor.

Character creation takes roughly 5 minutes and a game can be  played over the course of an hour or two.

Available in two excellent flavors! Get it for FREE as a simple PDF with all the rules, verbiage and tables you can handle! If you like what you see, and would like to support the author (that’s me) you can grab the $2 GOLD edition, which has formatting, a hot linked table of contents, actual page numbers, a whole extra table and your very own official Something Went Wrong character sheet!

Something Went Wrong is a Creative Commons licensed product, with the least restrictive licensing in the CC family! Artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission, not covered under a CC license.

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