The Inquisition: Fear

Here at the Inquisition, we tend to tackle the broader questions that face us gamers, and since we're featuring horror stories in the month of October, we'll ask ourselves one of the most basic, salient questions: what, exactly, is the nature of fear, and how do we incorporate it into our games? Fear presents in... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Vacation!

The Inquisitor has been on vacation for the last few weeks, and instead of leaving your hearts and minds barren, I thought I'd pop in and toss some food for thought your way. How do you deal with your players and GMs when they go on vacation? It's a fact of life. People go away... Continue Reading →

Disbelief 2: The Disbeliefening

A few weeks ago, a commenter lamented that I didn't give specific examples when it comes to the suspension of disbelief, breaking it, and potentially getting it back. I aim to misbehave please, and thus I'll try to expand upon that idea a bit more. Here are some sure-fire ways to break the suspension of... Continue Reading →

The Suspension of Disbelief

The idea of the "suspension of disbelief", of which you've surely heard, is quite simple: in order for any form of art to be effective, it's viewer (or listener, or whatever) needs to, in some way, suspend his disbelief. The idea was first articulated by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in his Biographia Literaria, which can be... Continue Reading →

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