Unhallowed Metropolis: The Best RPG You Haven’t Heard Of

Ahead of you stands one of the great gates, inset into the massive walls surrounding the city. Deathwatch soldiers look down at you, their massive galvanic weapons ready to spit electrified death at the slightest touch. The only sounds you hear are the screech of the gates opening and the hissing rasp of your breath passing through the gas mask. Thousands throng the streets ahead of you, reduced to mere blurs in the dense smog. "Animates!" someone yells from the parapets, and immediately the watch acts, the gates halting their movement, then closing rapidly, no one caring which side of the gate you are one when it shuts. You rush in, and then look back, catching a glimpse of a few hundred shriveled corpses rushing the walls, toothless jaws agape in maddening moans. They must have sensed you as you traveled the wastes. Now the only scent in the air is ozone as the Death Watch obliterates the zombies with their electric arms. The year is 2105, and London stands nearly alone, an island of 'civilization' amongst the wasteland of zombies and worse. Welcome to the Metropolis.

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