Getting Your Players to Work Together

When I first started GMing I was fairly against obvious hooks in a campaign. I mean, how frequently does your party composition make a group that would all randomly come together at some tavern (and all happen to be at the same tavern) and group up to do whatever the story is. Not frequently enough for a GM's taste.

Still not as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special

I apologize in advance to all the Star Wars fans out there. I felt the world become smaller somehow when I saw this. That said, not only does misery love company, but I think it good for the uber-fans to be able to admit that their chosen object of devotion is not in fact perfect. In any case it is pretty funny.

Fantastic holiday gift ideas for any geek you know. Including a PS3 deal, R2D2, cheap wireless and lots of gadgets

Being a geek can mean many things to many people. There are film geeks, computer geeks, theater geeks, you name it. To me it implies the ability to focus on a certain area with great intensity, gleaning great enjoyment out of it. I'm kind of a gadget/toy/game geek myself. As such, I keep an eye out for some good deals for us all. Especially now with the holidays fast approaching.

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