Escape Velocity

A long time ago, in another world where I smoked a pipe, sat out in the woods of New Hampshire and did artsy stuff like dress funny, grow facial hair and write poetry, I (ahem) composed a series of poems with a science fiction or fantasy theme. While cleaning out the old hard drive, I came across a few things that I hadn't read since I stopped dressing funny. I still do the other things. For your amusement I thought I'd put up one of my old favorites superimposed on this amazing picture from the NASA photo galleries.

White Label Space takes the principles of web 2.0 to the freaking Moon

Please join me in welcoming the newest and perhaps most original participants in the Google Lunar X-prize - White Label Space. In essence, this team consists of a bunch of international space professionals (don't we live in a cool age?) who are taking the rogue spirit of making money off of the web and throwing that ideal at the Moon. In a quite literal sense.

The Moon, exponential human expansion in Space and you.

I was browsing the Google Lunar X-Prize page recently and I have to say, I'm very excited by this. Very, very excited. The SF geek inside my head is bashing the Fantasy geek back with his own broadsword at the idea of private, possibly 'maverick' space pioneers sending stuff to the moon. Our stuff. Without the funding of a government. Wow. There are some very good reasons why we have to get off of this planet and I think Earth Day is a great day to think beyond the Earth to help alleviate some of the Earth's problems.

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