Marcon 46 Convention Review

Marcon is a fun regional Con. If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy and are looking for a nice weekend trip next year, it would be a great place to explore. Their theme next year will be “Galactic Beach Party”.

Quick Review: Adventure Idea Factory

The Adventure Idea Factory does exactly what it sets out to do. It gives GMs a quick and easy way to create a framework for their SciFi game. Whether you need a one off for a side quest or are looking to set up an entire campaign, the AIF will give you the basics with just a few die rolls.

Go Mutants! A retro-future, teen angst, mutant love story

Go Mutants! arrived on my doorstep not to long ago and I was, on opening the package, immediately struck by two facts. Fact #1 - James Dean with a giant brain and no hair. Fact #2 - Oh my god I never new it but I've been waiting for this book for years! If I had to describe this book in one word, I'd use the word "romp" because that's what it is. Like a happy puppy it runs through B-movie camp, teen angst, singing the blues like you mean it and countless references to the pop culture of a bygone age.

Project London and modern SciFi – rethinking movies from the ground up

What to do when you have an idea for a SciFi blockbuster with plenty of special effects, talented actors and a script in hand but you just can't get the funding together? If you're the folks at Spiral Productions you politely give the finger to thoughts of funding and script shopping then you go out and make your live action effects laden SciFi blockbuster. If that's not impressive enough, the film looks good and this is coming from a SciFi movie aficionado. Project London is an epic film with huge budget worthy special effects, and plenty of them, created by volunteers on the web and resulting in an actual, watchable, movie.

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