Epic Level Artistry: Ryan Rhodes

It's the middle of the month and time for another installment of Epic Level Artistry! This time we are stoked to have Ryan Rhodes, illustrator, graphic artist and RPG player. From science fiction, fantasy, western and/or steampunk, Ryan is able to lend his style to many different genres and infuses life and humor in many... Continue Reading →

Allons-y: The Doctor Who RPG Review

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space appeared on my gaming shelf last week, no doubt due to some kind of temporal rift. Not to mention Doctor Who Fever is already in full swing as the first episode of the new season just aired. By some twist of fate the weekly Pathfinder game that I play in fell through and four of us were left with nothing to do. It seemed I had no choice but to pull out my sonic screwdriver and put together a game.

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