Daily Board Game Deals – 9/10/15

There aren't always new deals that are worth posting, hence the break between posts that occurs. Sometimes though there are some pretty sweet things going on in Amazon.com land. The Castles of Mad King Ludwig is 36% off today at $38.26. Speaking of castles, Castles of Burgundy, while not the cheapest it's ever been, is... Continue Reading →

The Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle is live! $212 of awesome for $25 and help a worthy cause!

At 12:01 am this morning, the Wayne Foundation Charity RPG bundle launched! The 3rd Annual Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle! On sale now! exclusively through DriveThruRPG, this bundle offers over $212 worth of RPG products, fiction and artwork for just $25!  That’s 88% off the retail price of everything in this bundle. Andevery cent of profit made from the sale of this bundle goes... Continue Reading →

The ZOMG! Indie Talks Podcast sale!

Indie Talks launches tomorrow! ZOMG! My new podcast hits the etherwaves with episode #0 on June 6th. On Indie Talks, you'll get to meet the people behind independent gaming. Also the people in front of it. And those slightly off to one side of it. As I'm preparing to record episode #4 tonight, and launching... Continue Reading →

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