The Inquisition: Characters vs. Players

Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it takes a while for a player to realize, but eventually every player comes face to face with one of the great hobgoblins of roleplaying games: meta-gaming. For you neophytes, meta-gaming, simply put, is behaving in a way that betrays a character's in-game knowledge. We might also call this... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Picking Nits

The Inquisitor is back now after a well-deserved holiday break, and I come bearing gifts: talk about the little nits we pick during our games. This comes at the heels of last week's post regarding how we are all free to choose the rules with which we play. I tend to rely on the wisdom of... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Freedom!

The Inquisitor has been on holiday this past week, so I just have a few quick thoughts this week.  Next week we'll continue with our regular features, drilling into the psychological and philosophical aspects of gaming. For now, on the history of the declaration of American Independence, we'll talk about freedom. We've got a lot... Continue Reading →

The Writing is On the Wall…of Wargaming

There’s something powerful about writing by hand. It resonates with an intimacy barren from a computer. It evokes imagery of declaratory signatures, illuminating manuscripts, and wax seals. Handwriting is so primal. Much can be told from one’s handwriting. When the message is fed to a machine, the life is sucked out. The machine acts like... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Red Dead Redemption

This past week I downloaded Red Dead Redemption for my Xbox 360. Each hour spent tapping X, Y, A, and B taught lessons, which great wargames should emulate. In my brief time with riding through the wild west gathering flowers, killing outlaws, and playing poker I glimpsed behind the game design curtain. Some of the... Continue Reading →

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