Three Ring Circus: Sanssouci

Sanssouci is a tile laying game set in the Prussian palace gardens of the same name. It's designed by Michael Kiesling and published by Ravensburger. Players are tasked with laying out a formal garden including summer houses, woods and mazes, by drafting 9 different types of tile from a common pool.  The player with the... Continue Reading →

Three Ring Circus: Bruges

Three Ring Circus: Bruges Bruges is a card game from ace Euro game designer Stefan Feld. It will keep 2 to 4 players occupied for around an hour by placing you at the heart of 15th Century Bruges, in a battle for victory points.  This is done through various types of building; houses, canals, reputations... Continue Reading →

A Review of City of Iron Second Edition

City of Iron, players lead one of four nations and compete against each other for resources. You may be the hogmen, the weird albino elves, steam-punky humans, or <ahem> toads. But, in order to become an empire, you need to control the means of production. That’s right, you're socialists and these aren’t your typical resources either:... Continue Reading →

The Hobby Desk YouTube Channel!

Hey There boys and girls, Your favourite Aussie Wargamer here to let you know that I have been uploading videos like mad on my Youtube channel! I have been doing product reviews and V-Logs. I also have a few battle reports for those who like seeing how we do it down under! So please subscribe... Continue Reading →

The Hobby Desk S1E2

Introduction to Wargaming Host: Joshua Shoobridge Episode Outline Intro: Basic Update, Welcome to the Show and update of the social media sites. Facebook Hobby Desk Update Painting my Necrons up, after a couple of months focusing on Fantasy I felt my 40k models were being neglected. Organizing my hobby space, I will have an external... Continue Reading →

Three Ring Circus: Camel on Camel Action

The Middle East has an incredible history that has been the inspiration for artists and designers for thousands of years.  Take Egypt: I've never been there, if fact, the closest I have got is Filey on the Yorkshire coast. Like Egypt, it boasts the most fantastic sands, and a turbulent political climate.* 1930s Egypt is... Continue Reading →

Three Ring Circus: Glutton for Greed

My parents’ house doubles as the archiving facility for my childhood toy car collection.  Among the Porsches and Renaults there is a large brown Buick Regal with a man firing a gun from the back seat.  This is Kojak’s car and through the 70s and 80s it policed the living room carpet with sterling assistance... Continue Reading →

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