Quick Review: Green Ronin’s Freeport Companion for Pathfinder. Pirates, guns and madness!

For a decade now Freeport has stood as one of fantasy gaming's most distinctive cities. Home to pirates, foul cults, terrifying monsters, vicious gangs, crime lords, and corrupt politicians, Freeport is a dynamic setting that offers a unique blend of high adventure and cosmic horror. Now the City of Adventure returns to its roots with the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition, a rules supplement for the Pirate's Guide to Freeport. Its 160 pages are packed with all the support you need to run a Freeport campaign with the Pathfinder RPG. In addition to giving game stats for all the city's major characters, the Freeport Companion provides new core classes like the corsair and monster hunter, new prestige classes like the musketeer and witch hunter, famous magic items, an insanity system, new spells and incantations, and an introductory adventure. Celebrate 10 years of the City of Adventure with the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition!

Zombie cards and my absence from the site

Hey folks! To get some business out of the way, you won't be seeing much of me on Troll in the Corner for a few weeks. I'm set to go in to Surgery tomorrow and am expecting it to take a few weeks for me to recover. That's the not so good news. The good news is, late last night Eric dropped off the reformatted Zombie Cards!

We have our winners! The International Pathfinder Contest!

This morning I hit the old random number generator and gathered up our 16 winners! First, a quick breakdown. We had 362 individuals enter, with a total of 2,532 entries generated. Out of all of those entries, just under 60% came from the continental US, with England and Australia following in second and third place for number of entries (total). 15 people didn't tell me where they were from, so I don't know where those entries originated from. Now - on to the winners!

Quick Review: In One’s Blood – new bloodlines and spells for Pathfinder Sorcerers

In One's Blood is 25 pages of new Sorcerer bloodlines, spells and abilities which can add some oomph, or ooze, to your game. Done in an easy to print black and white format, light on the graphics but heavy on content, players and GMs will find this expansion to the Sorcerer class fun and useful. The new blood lines consist of Aquatic, Divine, Giant, Ooze, Plant, Psychic and Vermin. Along with these seven new bloodlines come 15 new spells, a new creature in the form of a Behemoth Pudding, and some exposition in to what exactly one gets by turning into an ooze. Mark L. Chance also makes good use of text boxes to add descriptive and colorful examples of each bloodline.

Cool things afoot for Aruneus. Maps, a layout artist and more! Real zombies in your high fantasy

Lots of cool things going on for the Aruneus Project! I have new art, more new art, maps and a person who's going to give the project a whole new look. If this looks interesting, you may wish to become a backer and find yourself with lots of interesting rewards above and beyond a new Pathfinder RPG expansion. New to Aruneus? Take your standard high fantasy world, add to it a massive zombie apocalypse which wipes away 90% of the population and then fast forward 100 years. Now you're in the world of Aruneus. We're 68% of the way to a completely funded project as of this writing - 20 days to make it the rest of the way. Will you be the one to tip the balance?

The status of the Aruneus Project – making a 100 page zombie apocalypse source book for the Pathfinder RPG system

Last December I sat down with a good friend and we talked a bit about what a standard high fantasy world would be like if a worldwide zombie apocalypse were to happen to it. What would happen to the various nations, empires and races? Who would be affected most? How would it change the political structure, the formation of cities, or just going for a stroll between adventures? This discussion was the launching point for the World of Aruneus - a high fantasy world which has suffered just such an event, 100 years in its past. After much writing, deliberating, play testing and development, I release several documents for this world, including the Orcs as a player character race and the zombies themselves.

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