Pathfinder is Magical

Greetings readers, Sean Holland from the Sea of Stars here again.  Having looked at Divine Products, we now continue our look at supplementary material for Paizo's Pathfinder RPG, we move into one of the widest area of products: supplement for magic.  We will look at support for both arcane magic classes and collections of new... Continue Reading →

Divine Pathfinder Products

Hello Good Readers, Sean Holland of the Sea of Stars here, I have been kindly invited to do a biweekly column on new Pathfinder and OGL products for Troll in the Corner.  Since so much material has been coming out for Pathfinder, and a lesser amount for OGL games, I thought it best to start... Continue Reading →

Reminder: Win a print and PDF copy of the Book of Monster Templates [Pathfinder] from Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing has teamed up with us to give away a print and PDF copy of their forthcoming Book of Monster Templates! One lucky winner will get themselves a print copy and the PDF. A second place winner will find themselves with a free PDF and a 50% off coupon for the printed book and a runner up will be offered 50% off of both the PDF and print copy! If that isn't enough for you, every single person who enters will receive a discount off of the PDF purchase. Don't forget too that right now you can pre-order the print and pdf bundle at a discount

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