Troll in the Corner game books and PDFs – now available at DriveThruRPG, Paizo Publishing and

  These titles and more by Benjamin Gerber are available at DriveThruRPG and Paizo Press with select titles at! Argyle & Crew (DriveThruRPG | Paizo| The land of Skcos is inhabited by all manner of things, but primarily its inhabitants belong to a race of ever changing, always interesting creatures called Soppets. Soppets are a magical breed... Continue Reading →

Announcing The Young Player’s Guide to In Game Sex, Impossibly Proportioned Women and several other new PDFs!

I've had an insanely productive several weeks, and was able to churn out four new PDFs guaranteed to enrich me further! The Young Player's Guide to In Game Sex (A system Neutral Guide to Role Playing Coitus With a Bunch of Other People Just as Inexperienced as You), Impossibly Proportioned Females (A Sourcebook Designed for my 13 year Old Self), Bowlers and Haberdasheries: 101 Magical Hats, and They Didn't Bring Me Pizza (A GM's guide to the Total Party Kill)!

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