The Gods of Aruneus – available today!

The latest Aruneus PDF has hit the streets! The Gods of Aruneus is available as of today, for $1.00 at Drive Thru RPG. Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics, and lives of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie... Continue Reading →

Kingmaker Reflections

  Last week my local gaming group finished up the Kingmaker Adventure Path from Paizo. We started the campaign very near Gen Con 2010 and just finished last week. I was the GM for the campaign as it was my turn in the GM's chair. The campaign was certainly not without its challenges, both in... Continue Reading →

Drowning in Options

  I have noticed a trend in my gaming habits over the many years. As a system starts to release more rules supplements I slowly begin to lose interest in that system or at the very least begin to feel overwhelmed at the number of options. With the D&D genre as an example and a... Continue Reading →

Finally – an Aruneus update!

With my shoulder finally cooperating again (I was knocked out of action for a bit of the old major surgery) I'm finally able to get back into writing, editing and layout. Over the past few weeks I've been taking stock of everything I have written for the Aruneus project, and everything that still needs to... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder RPG Tools

  Last week I wrote about getting behind the screen with Pathfinder. The article served as an introduction to getting started running Pathfinder games for someone new to RPGs or just the Pathfinder system. This week I am going to take a look at some of the tools to help run or play in a... Continue Reading →

Building a Better Short Game

    Short campaigns are a fairly common occurrence ┬áin my group. We have a lot of players, so it's a good way to run part games, try new systems, let the regular GM's have a crack at playing, and take a break from an ongoing campaign before the person running it decides it to... Continue Reading →

Behind the Screen With Pathfinder

  Pathfinder has been out on the market since August 2009. Many of us have been playing the game since its release or transitioned straight from D&D 3.x to Pathfinder. Sometimes it is easy to forget that some people wanting to try out Pathfinder are coming from another game system or are perhaps even new... Continue Reading →

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