The Game Mechanic: Wax Slugs.

All the colors of the rainbow… the murder rainbow!

Player Characters are a wildly creative bunch. Improvising a solution that inflicts the most collateral damage with the fewest resources is a mark of pride among most gamers, so today’s article is all about getting a little more bang for your buck.

We’ll be talking about Wax Shotgun Slugs, an improvised round your characters can quickly and easily make in order to accomplish a variety of mayhemjustice-related tasks with nothing but a little preparation and a few boxes of crayons. We’ll also have stats for the items in NWoD and Savage Worlds.

Disclaimer: Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not attempt to do this at home. It is remarkably easy to blow your hands/face/head clean off messing around with hand-made ammunition. Please keep it on the tabletop, folks.






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3 Plothooks For Campaigns That Should Never Be.

Terrifying image courtesy of DA user ~random-anomaly

Weaving elements of the grotesque, horrifying and utterly non sequitur into the story is a longstanding tradition in my group. As a natural consequence of this, most of our GMs are engaged in a fierce contest to see who can inflict the most emotional trauma on the player party. The lead is currently held by a brilliant upstart of a first-time Storyteller, so in the spirit of getting off my complacent keister and busting out some serious soul-searing,  here are three… unique tumblrs and some of the possible campaigns that could be wrought from them!

DISCLAIMER: You probably shouldn’t read these at work. None of them are particularly graphic… but you still probably shouldn’t read them at work.


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