Murder With A Twist

One of my favorite genres of fiction has always been mysteries. Doesn’t matter what sub genre they might fall in (hard boiled, cozy, police procedural, the list could go on for the whole post), I enjoy the thrill of trying to figure out why the who did the what to the other who.

Get Ready for Low Town

From the back cover: "The Warden's life of drugged iniquity is shaken by his discovery of a murdered child down a dead-end street...setting him on a collision course with the life he left behind." Book in stores Tuesday, August 16.

Castle on TV: Hyper-reality blurs with reality a little bit more

Castle is an ABC crime show, in the more humorous vein of shows like the Mentalist and Psych. The shows titular lead, Richard Castle, (Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Dr. Horrible fame) is a mystery writer on par with Patterson or Cannell, fresh off killing his main character out of boredom. Meanwhile Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic, The Spirit) is looking at two seemingly unrelated murders with one odd thing in common: Both were killed almost exactly like murders out of Castle’s books. She brings him in for questioning, leading to him volunteering to help with the case because of his familiarity with the crimes, which turns into a more permanent partnership as he decides to base his new book on her. But that's not why I've writing on the show, great as it is. I'm writing about Castle because they actually wrote the book he finished about Beckett last episode. So what is it when you have a book purporting to copy a book that doesn't exist? Welcome to third order simulacra and the blurring of reality.

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