Quick Review: Alice in Chains

Last night I found myself in a good sized arena, with a few thousand friends, watching my favorite band perform live. Today I am tired, slightly deaf, profoundly happy and will somehow tie this in to Role Playing Games.

Wicked Tinkers: Perfect music for your even vaguely Celtic themed game night

I literally stumbled into the Wicked Tinkers last night when an Amazon search gone horribly wrong brought me to them. They bill themselves as "pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic movement, the Tinkers have been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995.". How had I not heard about them in the last 15 years I have no idea, but I've spent the past few hours listening and I'm hooked.

Symphony of Science Keeps Growing

The Symphony of Science project is getting larger. There are now six music videos based on things scientists have said about the universe, humanity, and science itself. Science is the poetry of reality.

My playlist – fantasy RPGs and the music I queue up for atmosphere

Setting the mood for your gaming session can be very important. Are you playing a light, fun game like Paranoia in an airy room with lots of Python quotes and character sheets full of smudged pencil? Or are you in your dungeon like basement in a morally heavy, high fantasy setting working on freeing the slaves of Arundel while simultaneously battling your party's Elven nemesis? Music, if done well, can do a lot to add to the mood. Just like a date, but with nachos, dice bags and no bad movies.

The Most Amazing, Bizarre, and Wondrous Thing I Have Heard in Years

This is a project called “The Symphony of Science.” Basically they have taken footage of Carl Sagan and other scientists talking about the Universe, some of their most beautiful statements, and turned them into music by digitally adding musical tones to the words and syllables. I know that sounds really strange on paper. Heck, you might not even like it the first time through at all. I can guarantee though that most of you, if you actually listen to the lyrics, will not only have it stuck in your head after a couple listens, but love the songs. It’s a message about man’s potential, that despite being utterly insignificant in scale to the Cosmos, we are part of the cosmos and therefore extraordinary. Put simply it is sublime stuff.

Awesome deals on stuff we love – Sony, light sabers, Graphic Novels, Nintendo, Family Guy and more

The Holidays are right around the corner and while I have an almost maniacle love for all things holiday season related, I do find that when it comes to giving and getting I tend to do a lot better on the giving part. Not a ton of people in my extended family are themselves geeks and they have no idea what it is that makes me tick. For a few gift ideas for yourself or others who share our love of space opera, gadgets and elf ears here's what grabbed me from Amazon today that's on sale.

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