Review: Enemies of the Empire

This book definitely fills the hole from the core L5R rulebook, which had nowhere nearly enough adversaries fully fleshed out for my tastes. If you plan to play L5R 4th edition, then this book is pretty essential. Even if you aren't running L5R, you might be able to mine the book for ideas for other games due to the very nice amount of fluff.

6 monsters that should exist but don’t.

I'm gearing up to start my zombie apocalypse high fantasy rock and roll lifestyle campaign. In doing so, I've been sifting through the various monsters available for my hapless party to wander into when they're not fending off hordes of hungry undead, irate clergy or their own chaotic neutral thief. I came to realize that there are a few monsters I'd love to throw at or near the party but they just don't exist. Yet.

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