GE17: Meet Ben and Brent

Ben Gerber & Brent Newhall cover for Jonathan while he's engaged with real life stuff for his first home. Brent and Ben sneer at real life, preferring to spend our time on the internet. Where it's virtual, and friendly. They do what comes naturally, which is talk about themselves. They discuss their upcoming projects, talk... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon Episode 74: Troll in the Corner Podcast Network

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart announces a BIG NEWS, reminds listeners about the Historicon 2012 Contest, Promotes Cityographer, and reviews two historical books. TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW PLEASE GO TO THE SHOW'S BLOG AT http://WWW.WARGAMINGFORUMS.COM OR CLICK ON YOU CAN ALSO SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. If you wish to receive a free digital coupon for... Continue Reading →

I've been rejected!

I've decided to start writing literature for children. Actually I decided this some time ago; now I'm acting on it. It's a side project to my side projects. Of course, with my attempts at writing, and submitting them to people, comes rejection. I'm rather proud of being rejected, because it means that rather than thinking... Continue Reading →

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