Magazines for Wargamers – Wargaming Recon #139

The right magazines can be a huge help to wargamers. We share our picks to make your wargaming life easier. If you're expecting the traditional wargaming magazines you'll be in for a surprise. Support Jonathan through PATREON Air & Space Smithsonian American History Analog Science Fiction and Fact Biblical Archaeology Review History Today Locus: The... Continue Reading →

Hail Caesar Reading List

Previously I discussed my desire to wargame Ancient Rome.  Every wargamer knows that part of the fun is research.  Just like RPGers enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy to learn more of their setting, and to get ideas for storylines, wargamers read of their desired conflict. My gaming buddy, and Troll in the Corner author, Adam created an... Continue Reading →

GE38: 5 Reasons Ray Harryhausen was Incredible

Ray Harryhausen may not be well known to today's moviegoers.  But, he was a special effects genius best known for his unique brand of stop motion animation. Mr. Harryhausen created stop motion characters that explode off the screen.  He was best known for his work with the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts.  Mr. Harryhausen... Continue Reading →

Free Comic Book Day 2013

I just came back from Free Comic Book Day 2013. You may have heard me discuss this on GE37: 5 Reasons Free Comic Book Day is Awesome. Down the street from my house is a New England Comics.  As a child and teen my parents, and those of my friends, would bring my friends and I... Continue Reading →

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