Kick The Box Dec 1st 2014

Kick The Box

Dec 1st Edition

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a turkey filled holiday with lots of gaming included. This week’s Kick The box features a bleak looking future, a broken cogtraption, some World War II action, and a deck of playing cards, but of course, this is Kick The Box, so you know they won’t be just some plain jane, boring, old playing cards. Hit the news and read on to see this weeks picks!

Kickstarter News: Black Hat has accumulated 65% of their stretch goal so far. It’s still not too late to jump on this trick taking, hacker themed card game. Dragonflame has reached their funding goal! This card game about destroying villages and looting castles as a dragon sounds interesting to you, quickly head to their Kickstarter page. I’m sure they would appreciate your help. Also, New Bedford by Dice Hate Me Games has hit 70% of their pledge goal. Be sure to check it out if a historical setting, medium weight Euro game sounds fun to you!

Bright Future

Project By: Vermin Games

Nuclear war has finally devastated the topside of the planet Earth, leaving the remaining survivors of this post apocalyptic world to move deep underground to previously abandoned metro tunnels and bunkers from past wars and civilizations. Mankind days are limited as these tunnels were not designed for permanent residence. The only hope for survival is for a group of survivors to discover if the rumors of a legendary Russian bunker, filled with food and supplies, called the Tunnel of Power really does exist.

Bright Future offers ten unique mutant and human characters for players to choose from. Players will take turns drafting tunnel cards, playing them, and than visiting the locations in the tunnels, for better or for worse. As players move about the tunnel system, they can perform different actions, trying to eventually gather the access codes needed to enter the newly revealed door to what everyone hopes is the legendary Tunnel of Power.


Project By: Wesley Lamont of RAEZ

Project image

As the professor exits the room, he looks back, and exclaims. “And whatever you do, do not touch the Chromatic Cogtrapation! It is a work of science that you could possibly not understand!” And vanishes behind the sliding door. You hear the distinguishable sound of falling metal clanking against the concrete floor.The whirring and hissing sound of the professor’s contraption sputters and stalls. The sound of a pin drop could be heard as silence fills the room. Everyone knows what they must do. They must hurry to fix the contraption before the professor comes back!

Cogz is a 2-6 player tile swapping game. Players will take turns swapping out cogs. The main scoring will be the length of the colored cog after a tile is swapped.There are four different colors of cog pieces and players will be keeping track of points for each color. The color with the lowest point value is the player’s score.


Project By: Triton Noir

V-Commandos is a 1-4 player cooperative board game set in the trenches of WWII. Players will select their characters and try to defeat the game in one or more of the five available scenarios. Yes you heard me correctly! You can combine scenarios for a longer and more challenging campaign!

The game is about stealth and working your way around the battle terrain, completing the missions as stealthily as possible. If an alarm is raised, all hell breaks loose and the difficultly level of the campaign quickly begins to ramp up. The different objective scenarios will pit players against the game as they silently move about the board trying to eliminate German officers, freeing prisoners and allied officers, destroying ground planes, or protecting bridges, and more.

Triton Noir is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the game, they will refund your money.

Shipping fees are listed towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Golden Age Horror Comic Book Cover Playing Cards

Project By: Bobby Alexander

Project image

The Golden Age of Comics. Some of the most iconic magazine covers of all time and Bobby Alexander wants to bring them on a set of playing cards to you.

He wants to hire an artist to clean up the images, removing bends in the pages and any nasty pen marks. The original color and artwork will remain as intended. The artist is already paid for, and the funds will be for printing and shipping the deck of cards. The project is already fully funded and slowly closing in on the two, currently listed, stretch goals. The first stretch goal will allow him to have a custom tuck box designed for the deck, and the second stretch goal will allow the extra funds needed to have the artist create thematic and unique Ace-King icons.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check back next week as we keep chugging along towards the end of the year. What games are you eyeballing on Kickstarter? Leave any comments and suggestions down below.


Kick The Box July 28th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

July 28th Edition

As I trek down Kickstarter Lane, I am enamored with the amount of great looking games that are being displayed in the windows. Some new companies are always surfacing, but there are some well seasoned companies that have learned how to use Kickstarter to their fullest potential, while churning out some great content. There was a lot of debate on my end which games to include for this week’s Kick The Box.

Kickstarter News: The single player game Hostage Negotiator is over 500% funded with two weeks left in their campaign. Core Worlds Digital is fully funded and into the stretch goal race with a little over a week left in their campaign. Yomi has finished their campaign with over 700% funding!

Musée: Alf Seegert’s New Bookshelf Game of Classic Art!

Project By: Gryphon And Eagle Games

Musée Cards 36 to 40 from the 18th Century

Alf Seegert, co-designer of Cubist, another successful Kickstarter game, partnered with Gryphon & Eagle Games, have yet another game on Kickstarter. Alf is sticking with the ‘building a museum’ theme, but this time you are creating an art gallery with cards, and not a statue gallery with dice.

Your art gallery will consist of three levels, six cards deep. You will draw a hand of five cards of art. On your turn, you will place one card  anywhere in your museum. The only condition is that the numbers in the left hand corner will have to ascend from left to right. So, if you place a high number card on the far left side of the gallery level, that may leave you only a few cards that will be playable for the rest of the game.

The game ends when no one is able to place anymore cards into their museums. How many paintings you were able to place in your museum and the placement of the sets of related artwork all counts towards your point total. The player with the most points, wins.

Shipping is included in the contiguous US. Canada/non-contiguous US and US territories include shipping fee of $10. EU & Australia  include shipping of $14. Rest of World  include shipping of $20.

Trekking The National Parks

Project By: Bink Ink LLC

Trekking The National Parks is a family hand management game for 2-6 players. You will be competing against the other players, trying to visit as many National Parks as possible and collecting their cards and park tokens(randomly placed color stones.)

During your turn you can either draw a Trek card, which are used as either currency for buying the National Park cards, or as a movement cost, move your explorer across the map, or with  your explorer at the National Park, and the right combination of Trek Cards, claim one of the National Park cards that are worth different amounts of points.

Every game will also include a 32 page book highlighting main attractions of all 59 National Parks.

U.S. Shipping is included. Add $20 USD per game for shipping to Canada.  Add $40 USD per game for shipping anywhere else in the world. Insurance and tracking option available for an additional $10.

The Resistance – Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda

Project By: Indie Boards And Cards

Indie Board and Cards has not one, but two expansions for The Resistance in one Kickstarter campaign. Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda add new roles to this popular hidden role game. The Reverser can reverse any mission status, either a failed mission to succeed, or a successful mission to fail. The Inquisitor adds the first optional player role to the game of Resistance. This player will be able to look at another player’s affiliation.

Also some of the cards from the Avalon Universe will now be added. You will be able to add the Assassin’s, Defector, or Trapper module to your Resistance game. These roles and more are included in both expansions.

You can either wait til the retail version of these expansions, or jump on to their Kickstarter campaign and receive the Kickstarter campaign exclusives!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Aquasphere by Stefan Feld

Project By: Michael Mindes

Tasty Minstrel Games are busy with Kickstarter campaign after Kickstarter campaign. Each one more successful than the next.

This time they are bringing Stefan Feld’s  Aquasphere to a table near you in the US and Canada!

Aquasphere will pit your research team against your opponent’s in a race to acquire the most knowledge. Each player will be using their team of scientists, reprogrammable bots, and submarines, to examine the octopods, upgrade their labs, or collect crystals. You will be balancing the need for more lab space with the actual collecting of the data. The game happens over four rounds, with a game time of 25 minutes per player. The game seats 2-4 players.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs in US and Canada.

There you have this week’s showcased games. Return next week to see which games I feel deserve your attention, and be sure to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss any of Troll In The Corner’s marvelous content, including Kick The Box.



Kick The Box July 21st 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

July 21st Edition

After a pleasant week of camping and sight seeing some of Western Montana’s famous ghost towns and National Parks, including Glacier National Park, it was time to return back to civilization. Upon my return, I have finished up this week’s Kick The Box, which features Meeples, Wanted Outlaws with a  dash of  Hostage Negotiator while Isle Surfing for a well rounded evening of fun and delight.

Kickstarter News: Core Worlds Digital is closing in on their pledge level of $20,000. You still have a little over two weeks left to jump in. Spells of Doom is fully funded with a couple of stretch goals already under their belts. Still not too late to jump in. Scrapyard Empire campaign ended with over $36,000 funding. Congratulations!

Wanted: The Outlaws

Project By: Bibelot Games

Enter the wild, wild west in the form of a new card and dice game. Wanted:The Outlaws is a simple but fun 1-4 player game. With two decks, the game will accommodate up to 8 players.

Players are new faces in an old western town. They have come to the town looking’ to build up their reputation as outlaws. You will do this by, first, gathering your posse, and than doing jobs.

During your turn, you can and must do one of three things. Out of the six decks of shuffled cards representing the town center, you can hire a character and add them to your posse. Or, if your posse’s stats are higher than the job stats, you can attempt the job, hoping to gather loot and reputation, but be careful, there is always a possibility of some of your posse members ending up on the wrong side of the barrel. You can also choose to report a tip, which will let you discard one of the revealed cards and gain one loot for snitching to the sheriff about some illegal activity you had heard about.

As soon as the last card has been emptied from the town center and the game ends. Count up your reputation, and the person with the most wins!

Shipping is included for US. Add $20-$35 for shipping outside the US, depending on your pledge level.

Character Meeples For Tiny Epic Defenders

Project By: Meeple Source

Photo main

Meeplesource is once again collaborating with Gamelyn Games. This time they are offering you a chance to upgrade you’re freshly pledged Tiny Epic Kingdom game with some colorful meeples.

All the Meeples are classy representations of the hero classes and foes. This is a limited time offer from Meeple Source at a decent price.

Shipping within the US is included. Add between $5-$14 depending on your pledge level for international shipping.

Hostage Negotiator

Project By: A.J. Porfirio

Your office phone that is resting aside your propped up feet suddenly screams a bellowing ring. Startled, you jump and quickly answer the phone.  You intently listen to the calm, but rushed voice on the other end.

“Hostages? I’m on my way.”

Just when you thought it was going to be an early night.

Hostage Negotiator is a 15-30 minute, single player game, pitting you against an AI Abductor. (It could probably even be a 5 minute game if things go bad fast!) Your goal is to save at least half of the hostages and either eliminate or capture the Abductor alive.

 The game consists of multiple rounds of three phases. In the first phase, you will be using the Conversation cards from your hand, attempting to influence the Abductor’s threat level, save hostages, and earn Conversation points. Phase two consists of you spending any Conversation points that you have obtained on other Conversation cards to add to your hand for later use. Than, the third and final phase is the Terror Phase. The Terror Phase represents actions that happen in between the conversation that almost always has a terrible effect.

Can you talk down the Abductor and save all the hostages?

Shipping within the US is included. Depending on your pledge level, Add $20-$40 for shipping outside the US.

Island Surf!

Project By: Tyler Tinsley

I’m generally not a fan of ‘dexterity’ games. If I’m feeling the need to hop up and down, run, twinkle my toes, blow, drop things, or whatever else the game rules calls for, I’ll go outside for a bike ride,throw a ball around with my nephews and or nieces or play some frisbee golf.

But, there is always an exception to the rule, and I think Island Surf! is that exception for several reasons.  One, the dexterity part of it is that you have to “surf” with two fingers across several marbles around a course that you set up. Two, it reminds me of the little finger skateboards that I use to play with with my kids when they were younger. And three, it is a simple, but beautiful game. Not only is dexterity involved, but a dash of strategy is thrown in as well for good measure.

You can place the marbles farther apart, making it more difficult to ‘surf’ across them, but gaining more distance on a successful run, or  you can play conservatively, and place the marbles closer together making it easier to ‘surf’ across them. The choice is up to you as you surf the marbley waves to victory!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

That’s it for this week gamers! Stop back by my little corner of Kickstarter Avenue and Interweb Express to see what delightful offerings I have to show you next week!

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Kick The Box July 14th Edition

Kick The Box

July 14th Edition

This week and next week’s editions of Kick The Box are going to be short. I’ll be starting my vacation this week, and depending which day of the week it is, I’ll be camping, ghost town hunting, playing games, and traversing across the beautiful six states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. But I did want to leave you with these two amazing Kickstarters this week. Both tabletop related, but neither really technically a tabletop game or game accessory, but they still count in my book! Read on to see what they are!

Kickstarter News: Congratulations to Zenion Games for their second successful Kickstarter campaign, TheShadows Over Westminister! The Official Catan Collectors Series is fully funded with a little less than a week left in their campaign.

Core Worlds Digital Edition

Project By: Broken Myth Studios

Main UI

For all you fans of the deck building game, Core Worlds, Brokenmyth has a treat for you! They are wanting to bring this popular card game to an IOS an Android screen near you.

In case you are not familiar with Core Worlds, players are leaders of small, barbaric, fledging empires, ready to flex their muscle and strike at the heart of the crumbling Galactic Empire. Players will take turns building their fleets and ground forces. And when the time is right, invade different worlds, all striving for the same goal; galactic domination.

Core Worlds Digital will include single player and multiplayer support, including pass-and-play, tournament play, match play, in-game rewards and limited edition cards that will allow you to customize the look and feel of your empire. 

Unpub – The Unpublished Games Network

Project By: Darrell Louder

Help Unpub help unpublished tabletop games and their designers.

Unpub is growing a community of playtesters,designers, publishers, retailers, and artists all with one common goal; help find, develop, and market unique tabletop games for all of us to enjoy.

Unpub helps organize events for designers to get their games in hands of playtesters for feedback.

Your Kickstarter pledge will not only help Unpub organize small events, but also help them organize Unpub 5 convention, which has grown from a two day event, to a three day event, and instead of being held in Delaware, it has grown enough to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

You can pledge for tickets to Unpub 5 through the Kickstarter campaign, but if you can’t make it to Baltimore, there is also some great rewards for helping support Unpub and what they stand for.

Short and sweet this week. I’ll return next week with another edition of Kick The Box. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions and be sure to hit the subscribe button, so you don’t miss any of the Kick The Box’s and other Troll In The Corner goodies. Til next week, keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box June 30th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 30th Edition

There are just too many great tabletop projects on Kickstarter right now. Window shopping for tomorrow’s games at it’s finest. Here are my picks that make the cut this week.

Kickstarter News: Historia is now over 700% funded with a little over two weeks still left in their campaign. Penny Press has broken the $30,000 pledge level mark with a little over a week left in their campaign. Harbour is also still going strong with over 700% funding and two weeks still left in their campaign as well. Tiny Epic Defenders has kicked through the $100,000 barrier also with a little over two weeks left in their campaign.

Treasure Chest: Realistic Resource Tokens for Board Games

Project By: Jamey Stegmaier

The same guys who brought you the amazing games Euphoria, Viticulture, and Tuscany games have a new Kickstarter campaign. Treasure Chest: Resource Tokens for Board Games gives you the ability to upgrade many of your games resource tokens in one fell swoop.

You’ll be able to replace your wooden and plastic cubes with realistic representations of gold, wood, ore, stone, clay, and gems made out of resin and metal. With every 100 backers that pledge to their Kickstarter campaign, they are adding one more resource to the total count; i.e.+1 gold after the first 100 backers, then +1 wood after the next 100 backers, and so on. So, when the campaign first started, a backer would only be receiving 20 of each type of resource. Now that over 1800 backers have pledged, they are up to 23 tokens of each resource!

So the more backers that kick into the project before time expires, the more everyone will receive!

Visit their shipping chart towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page for shipping prices related to your country.

The Shadow Over Westminster

Project By: Zenion Games

Zenion Games already has one successful Kickstarter campaign under the belts with NOVUS  and are poised to repeat with their new Kickstarter campaign for The Shadow Over Westminster.

The Shadow Over Westminster is cooperative deck building game set in modern day London. You and your fellow comrades will be working together to overcome the darkness that is looming over London. Players will randomly draw one of the fifteen Cataclysm cards and place it face down, not revealing it to the players. You may be facing one of Lovecraft’s infamous Great Old Ones, or a Gate to Hell is opening, or you may have a traitor in your midst are just a few examples of what players will be up against. No one will know until the players have gathered enough clues to be able to reveal it. Defeat the evil and everyone wins, but if London falls to the shadows of darkness, then all is lost, including the game.

Special shipping tier for Canadians has been added. Shipping within US is included. Add $30 for shipping outside the US.

New Dawn

Project By: Artipia Games

New Dawn is the thematic sequel to the successful and highly rated  game Among The Stars, but  instead of a card drafting game, New Dawn is a space exploration game.

The Alliance was formed many years ago, and all the alien races had agreed to work together towards one common goal. In time, this has proven to be more difficult then was expected. The rising costs of the building of the space stations has tempted alien races of the Alliance to rediscover the lost artifacts of the war, determined it will help the stalling economy.

Players will assume the role of one of the different alien alliance official sent out to explore regions, establish bases, seize control of facilities, send ambassadors, produce resources and send aid to the Alliance. Go out and rediscover the lost and forgotten facilities and come away the victor.

There is an Essen Pick up option. Shipping with in the US, EU, and Canada is included; for all other countries, $10 will need to be added.


Project By: Dennis Hoyle

You and your lab partners work for a corporate research laboratory, when something horrible goes wrong! A toxin has been released into your lab and all of you  must now work together to find the antidote. Everyone will need to share their research in order to discover the antidote. But, will your partners be sharing all the information they have?  Or will they be withholding information that you need? After all, it is only life or death. It is now every man and woman for himself!

You will need to use your deduction skills to figure out who is withholding important information needed for your survival.  Will you be the one to discover the antidote before the others?

Antidote is a semi cooperative, deduction game where everyone will need to work together to discover the antidote, but there can be only one survivor.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone that celebrates Fourth of July has a safe and fun holiday with many games played; and for everyone else, I wish them also a fun filled week and weekend filled of gaming with friends and family. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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Kick The Box June 23rd Edition 2014

Kick The Box

June 23rd Edition

This week’s Kick The Box is, in part, brought to you by the 4th Annual Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle! Over $240 worth of product for $20 and goes to a great cause!

Skipping down Kickstarter Avenue can be detrimental to one’s health, so I shall say, be safe as we roll into this week’s picks. During the week we have  some breaking newspaper news about a last ditch effort to save mankind. You can also travel back in time and reset civilization or work together to save a kingdom.

Kickstarter News: Shadow Throne is almost fully funded with three days left in their campaign! Hurry before you miss it! Twilight Struggle Digital Edition is still amassing a lot of attention and has raised over $250,000 during their campaign. The Captain is Dead! by The Game Crafter is also still going strong with a little over two weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign.

Penny Press

Project By: Chris Cieslik

Press Passes included in every Kickstarter copy!

Penny Press is set in the late 1800’s. Players will take on the role as one of the newspaper barons. They will be competing for readers as they send out their reporters to cover major stories and events.

The heart of Penny Press is a worker placement/area control game. Players will be moving their reporters to different story lines, trying to get the most reporters on as many story headlines as possible.Once a player feels that they have the maximum points they are going to be able to score, then they can decide to publish their newspaper, scoring points for the stories that they have the most reporters at.

Shipping within US is included. Add $25 or $40 for shipping outside of the US, depending on your pledge level.


Project By: MAGE Company

Historia is a civilization game that will last over three ages, 12 rounds and has some unique mechanics. Each player will have a deck of cards with different action abilities. Players will be choosing a single card from their hand of cards and revealing them simultaneously. Each card allows a player to enhance their  civilization in different ways; increase their technology, increase military strength, build wonders, and others.

Historia will support 1-5 players with a gametime of about 25 minutes per player.

There are no shipping costs to Italy, Svizzera, USA, Canada, Japan, and Israel. For other EU Countries add $25. Rest of the World add $40. For the Platinum pack, shipping costs are: $37 for EU and $60 for rest of the world.

Tiny Epic Defenders

Project By: Gamelyn Games


After the Great War, an alliance has been formed and a new Capitol City built. Just as peace started sweeping the land, a new threat emerges from the shadows.

After the smashing success of Tiny Epic Kingdom, Gamelyn Games has released another micro game called Tiny Epic Defenders. This time, instead of competing for resources and trying to expand your Kingdom, players will be working together trying to stop a new threat.

Another micro game  that combines portability with  both depth and complexity in one little package.

US shipping is included. International shipping varies depending on pledge level;$12 being the lowest.

Last Starfleet

Project By: Sam Oplinger

Check out the bottom of this page for close-up images of some of the components!

In the year 4010, Humans have constructed life sustaining ships, but still haven’t colonized any worlds outside of Mother Earth. After Earth is destroyed, leaving the few humans that happened to be aboard ships, the last of their kind, in a sudden, desperate mission to find a planet to recolonize and save the human race.

The Last Starfleet is a cooperative card game for 2-6 players. Players are captains of starships that have found a planet that will be sustainable for humans. Their goal is to deliver enough people planetside to start a new colony.

Shipping within US is included. Add $50 for shipping outside the US.

Hope everyone has a great start to their summer and thanks for checking out the latest Kick The Box. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any’s goodies. Until next week, ‘Keep playin’, to be playin”

Kick The Box June 9th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 9th Edition

This week’s stroll down Kickstarter Lane finds us peeking into the shop windows and finding the #1 game on Board Game Geek going digital, some counters to keep track the value of your life,  a lot of must have’s for die hard fans of Catan, and a little card game that is set in a turmoiled fantasy world, but you are not there to save it.

Kickstarter News: 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy is entering it’s final week of ending and quickly closing in on the $100,000 mark. March of the Ants finished it’s funding level at a little over $76,000. AVGhost has relaunched it’s Kickstarter campaign.

Twilight Struggle Digital Edition

Project By: GMT Games

Even though the physical version of Twilight Struggle is #1 on Board Game Geek, it isn’t til this last month that I have played it, loved it,  and immediately ordered my own copy of it. I can not wait to play this in a digital format, instead of begging people to play with me!

The game has been handed to the guys and gals at Playdek to develop a digital version of it. The response to the campaign has been nothing short of amazing. It was completely funded in first two hours of the campaign opening, and was passing stretch goals faster then they could post them for the first 48 hours. The campaign funds have skyrocketed beyond the $175,000 level and with the stretch goals reached so far, we will be seeing the game being released on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Tablet and Phone, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.

The Official Seafarers of Catan Board

Project By: Bill Trammel

Supports all Seafarers of Catan scenarios

For you Seafarers of Catan fans out there, there is a new modular board that will help keep your game during play more organized and easier to set up. The plastic board pieces are broken into strips that make it easy to adjust the game board size.

Also  through Bill’s Kickstarter campaign, for the die hard OCD Catan players, is the Official Collector’s Edition Box.This box looks absolutely amazing and is packed with items to help with organization, including velvet player part drawstring bags, storage for hexes and game pieces, Bamboo part cups with color-matched felt bottoms, and a dice tower to keep rolling your robbers.

There is also a beautiful official Catan bag to help you haul all your expansions to any gaming place of your choosing.

Add between $75-$100, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside the US. Shipping within the US is included.

Shadow Throne

Project By: Teale Fristoe

For once, your goal is not to be some goody two-shoes noble hero that is trying to save the kingdom, or some group of noble knights that have everyone’s good interest at heart as you set off on your quest to dispatch evil from the land. No, your goal is much simpler than that; to be on the winning side when the fat lady sings and the fighting is all over.

You are a member of a secret society during an age of turmoil. The King still rules with an iron fist, but the Queen is now leading a rebellion against the King, and the Princess has disavowed both her parents and is leading the Church into battle. You don’t care who wins, you just want to be on the winning side when the dust settles. You will be weaving alliances and help determining victors in critical battles, accruing influence for the different factions along the way.

Shadow Throne is a 3-5 player hand drafting, hand management card game that can be played in 30-45 minutes.

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Customized Life and Creature Counters for CGGs/Board Games

Project By: Wesley Erwine

Life Counters

Wesley’s counters are a nice addition to anyone’s tabletop game. The looks of them are fully customizable. You can have them plain jane and use them for any collectible card game, board game, or RPG, or depending on your pledge level, you can choose the font and numerical ratio of the counters or add a vector(single color picture) or word to the face of the counter. All backers will be able to choose from twelve different colors.

You can pledge at a higher level, and add even more customization to the counters, by uploading your own art for the counter face. And, in case you missed Wesley’s  successful Kickstarter campaign, Nutsak,  you can add those to go with your counters also.

Shipping within US included. Add $13 for shipping outside US.

Thanks again for stopping by my corner of the massive world that we call the Internet. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below and be sure to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss any of the magnificent spectacle that Troll In The Corner has to offer.

Kick The Box June 2nd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 2nd Edition

This week’s picks includes a little bit of everything. King Arthur with some Gemchips for his currency. And an Inventor’s Market and some space exploration to boot!

Kickstarter News: Snitch! has been canceled and will be rebooted at a later date. Lords of the Ice Garden has hit over 225% of their funding goal! Maha Yodha has reached almost 150% of it’s funding goal and still has over two weeks left in their campaign. Don’t miss the opportunity to jump on these and the other Kickstarter’s below!

Albion’s Legacy

Project By: Lynnvander

Realm Tiles and Virtues

Enter the world of Camelot and choose to become one of the many legendary characters in the King Arthur folklore.

The cooperative board game will support up to four players, but the Deluxe and Exclusive boxes will net you enough content and players to allow up to six players.

During Albion’s Legacy, you will be scouting and revealing Camelot in an ever changing modular game board. Time is running short as you try to collect lore-enriched relics, artifacts, and weapons, while trying to solve one of the many King Arthur historical stories and myths.

Shipping rates are explained at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Inventor’s Market

Project By: Clockwork Design Games

Inventor’s Market is set in a Steampunk Victorian 1899 era. You are an inventor trying to be first to build your invention for the 1900 World Fair.

This card game that supports 2-6 players and will have you scavenging parts and trying to sabotage your rival’s inventions. There are several inventions that you can try to build; including the Nautilus, the Moon Cannon, the Death Ray, and much, much more.

An easy to learn, quick filler that would be great for when you are waiting on friends to arrive at your next meetup!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.


Project By: Gameknight


One of the most annoying manufacturing pet peeves of a lot of gamers is paper money. Gameknight proposes a solution to paper money and cardboard currency with their second printing of Gemchips.

The colors are more vibrant than their last run and they have added two new denominations, bringing their total amount of different currency values to fifteen.

Poker chips will do the trick, as I have used numerous times, but they are missing one thing; the actual denominations printed on the chips themselves. Gemchips are not only ceramic, high quality poker chips but also will haven the denominations printed on the chips themselves. This will end the annoying “How much was this color worth?”  question asked by players repeatedly during the game.

Shipping outside the US varies between $20-$80, depending on your pledge level. Shipping within the US is included.

Space Frontier

Project By: John Mathison

In Space Frontiers, every player has their command ship which is a player’s home base, research center, and construction yard.  Each player will take turns exploring the ever changing modular board, trying to complete missions, research ancient alien artifacts, build fleets of fighter ships, and trade goods with guilds. Completing these different actions and others will net you influence across the galaxy. That is the ultimate goal of all the players; to become the most influential player in the new found galaxy.

 Shipping within US is included. Add $10 for shipping outside the US.

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P.S. Dog Might Games was amazingly awesome and sent me one of their customizable deck boxes!! Be on the lookout for my review of it this coming week and how you can get your own!!

Kick The Box May 26th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

May 26th Edition

I hope everyone that observes Memorial Day had an amazing gaming three day weekend. I know I did! I hope everyone else had a phenomenal weekend and Monday. This week I have some Trobils causing trouble, hand made dice bags, superheroes, and movies! Here’s the latest news and than on with the show!

Kickstarter News: Another successful campaign has ended for Saar Shai with his The Agents Return campaign, raising a little over $160,000. MAGE Company’s  12 Realms: Ancestor’s Legacy is still going strong with seven stretch goals already unlocked! Andrew Harman’s Frankenstein’s Bodies is over halfway being funded! You can find my interview with Andrew Harman from this last week  here.

Asking For Trobils

Project By: Christian Strain

Image does not represent the final product as stretch goals may increase production value of the game.

The quiet system of O-renj resides in a quiet corner of the galaxy. The good natured beings that inhabit this system are friendly, peaceful, and content. That is, until the Trobils showed up. Than the trouble started. These, nasty, destructive varmins are disrupting the normal quaint lives of this otherwise peaceful universe.

Asking For Trobils is a 2-5 player worker placement game with a twist. Players will be placing their ship(s) on various resource collecting spots on the board, gaining the necessary resources to build various traps to capture the nasty Trobils and than fling them towards the sun. The twist is that it will take  an action to place and remove the ship from the different areas. But, if someone needs the same resource that another player’s ship is occupying, than they can bump that ship off that spot and back into their hand. It becomes a win/win situation for both. The player with the newly obtained spot  gets the resources they need, and the other player doesn’t’ have to waste an action gathering their ship.

Shipping in the US is included. Add between $20-$45, depending on pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster

Project By: Hobby World LLC

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is an award winning game that was released in Russia in 2o13 and is finally making it’s way to the States and beyond.

Your job as CEO of a multi million dollar movie company is to hire actors, actresses, and directors, plus buy movie plots and other support roles and use them to create blockbuster movies. The goal is to try to have the most money by the end of the game.

H:MYOBB is a card drafting game similar to 7 Wonders and Fairy Tails, but for the really good actors, actresses, directors, and plots, you’ll need to bid for them against your opponents.

Shipping within US included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Capes & Villians

Project By: Henry Lam

If Sentinels of the Multiverse and Marvel Dice Masters was to ever bear a child, it would probably look like Capes & Villains. Bearing similarities to both games, it stands on it’s own as another alternative superhero universe with some interesting mechanics. In Capes & Villains, players will use a super hero specific card deck and dice to help with combat.  The game scales from 2-12 players and offers several different modes of play including Solo, Tag Team, Multiplayer, and Versus.

I do enjoy the artwork, even though it has a similar style to Sentinels, and also like the names of the characters they have created that pay homage to other well known super heroes. How can you not love superheroes with names such as Wonder Spy, Dead Arrow, and best of all, Dr. Cthulhu. There are these and many more you can choose to do battle with!

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Knitted Knerd Dice Bags

Project By: Tabletop Crafts

Does your new Marvel Dice Masters collection of dice need a new home?  Or maybe you are just looking for a new dice bag for your random collection of dices. Either way, Chelle is willing to help you with your problems,(for a small price, of course)

These unique,  handmade, crocheted dice bags are absolutely gorgeous. You can choose from a list of basic items that include a potion vial, a bomb with feet and crank, (think a certain bad guy from a famous video game that stars a plumber), choice of fruit, or sushi. Or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Designs pictured above and nab yourself a Meeple or Cthulhu himself to hold your Arkham or Eldritch Horror Dice OR better yet, for your new monster bag. Whatever your need is, Chelle is there to help all the nerds in the world with their organizing needs.

Shipping is included for US backers. Backers in Mexico and Canada should include an additional $5 to cover shipping costs. BACKERS IN ALL OTHER COUNTRIES PLEASE CONTACT CHELLE BEFORE BACKING.

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