The Boston Festival of Indie Games is coming! Come and play some amazing indie table top and video games, or submit your own!

Here's a guest post from Glenn, concerning the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I'm planning on being there and I hope to see you too! Hello game designer/developers!My name is Glenn Given and I am the tabletop producer for the Boston Festival of Indie Games ( a combination digital and tabletop game festival at MIT.... Continue Reading →

GE17: Meet Ben and Brent

Ben Gerber & Brent Newhall cover for Jonathan while he's engaged with real life stuff for his first home. Brent and Ben sneer at real life, preferring to spend our time on the internet. Where it's virtual, and friendly. They do what comes naturally, which is talk about themselves. They discuss their upcoming projects, talk... Continue Reading →

Add to your Blogroll: The Hopeless Gamer

One of my favorite RPG Blogs to read, The Hopeless Gamer, is currently running a contest and I thought I'd help spread the word both to give our readers a shot at his PDF prizes, and to infuse a little hope into their life with some exposure for his blog.

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