Attention Science Fiction Fans: The Last of the Free is a movie yearning to be made.

Michael Ozias has a science fiction movie he'd like to make. Unlike other folks (like me, for instance) he's also got a script, a plan and a damned good trailer to back him up. Last of the Free is the story of two adolescents, Izan and Hana, on a quest to escape the misery of the dystopian future they live in. In an oppressive time, where freedom, innovation, and individuality are non-existent, they live for the society but long for themselves. Read on for an interview, production stills and to watch the trailer.

Tex: Vampire Hunter has guns, vampires and corsets

Welcome to Tex: Vampire Hunter, a forthcoming film directed by Lautaro Gabriel Gonda which spins itself out thus: Tex is a gunslinger in the old west who has dedicated his life to hunting down and killing vampires. His travels bring him to a brothel used by vampires as a front to lure their victims. This evil bordello also happens to be run by his ex-lover, a beautiful vampire named Elisabeta. Tex is haunted by his past, but will he be able to discover the dark secret that binds him to his prey, or will his righteous rage blind him?

TARA is a girl meets boy, boy is an ass, boy goes missing, pools of blood found, beast on the prowl movie.

Our favorite actress here at TC is currently filming another independent film. This time it’s a monster movie with some twists that goes by the name of TARA. I had a chance to speak with Ace, one of the folks responsible and I got some details of the film. Pre-production (which took 7 months) is over and as of April they’ve been filming. They’re roughly half way through shooting so this post may qualify as the first bit of extra info out in the ether.

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