In Sheep’s Clothing: a new Arcane Background for adding shapeshifters to your game.

Legends of shapeshifters are incredibly common throughout human history. They vary wildly from culture to culture, and the stories have been blamed on everything from moldy rye to retained subconscious trauma at transitioning into a meat-eating species. These legends make excellent fodder for horror stories of a more contemporary nature, and have spawned countless tales... Continue Reading →

Creating and Implementing Technology.

Do you have a piece of equipment you've been wanting to add to your game? Well, grab your corebook of choice and we'll cover four basic considerations for implementing new tech into your game. I’ll be using the Savage Worlds system for this particular exercise, but the methods we’re going to go over can be... Continue Reading →

Building a Better Short Game

    Short campaigns are a fairly common occurrence  in my group. We have a lot of players, so it's a good way to run part games, try new systems, let the regular GM's have a crack at playing, and take a break from an ongoing campaign before the person running it decides it to... Continue Reading →

Getting in a game

If there is one thing a tabletop role-player needs it's a gaming group. Unfortunately as we move through our lives it can get increasingly difficult to find fellow hobbyists. It isn't impossible to find a new group though. In fact it's pretty easy if you're willing to put in a little effort.

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