Geeks Explicitly #1: Viking Hordes

Geeks Explicitly is here! Co-hosts Drew McCarthy & Jonathan J. Reinhart bust onto the Troll in the Corner podcasting scene. Clocking in under 30 minutes, the show discusses the SAGA historical miniatures game, disparages Privateer Press, and provides infectious laughter. Be sure to tell your friends about Geeks Explicitly. You can contact us by e-mailing... Continue Reading →

Names in Your Imagi-Nation Wargaming Campaign

Henry Hyde, yes the Henry Hyde that I keep mentioning in relation to the Dedhampton Revolution, asked me for feedback on his Wars of the Faltenian Succession articles, which appeared in early issues of Battlegames Magazine. I wrote him 3,000 words responding to his 30+ pages of imagi-nation goodness. While I wrote my thoughts I... Continue Reading →

Need a Wargaming Map?

I've wanted to run a campaign for a decade or more. That never happened because, as we may all know, of the heavy work-load to create a campaign. The campaign creator needs to do a TON of work behind the scenes to get the campaign started, keep it running, and reach a conclusion. The players... Continue Reading →

Imagi-nation gaming

In a previous post I announced my immersion into the realm of imagi-nation gaming. I quite rightly put all the blame on Henry Hyde. He piqued my interested with the Wars of the Faltenian Succession. Imagi-nation gaming is sort of like blending roleplaying games with wargaming. A wargamer, like a DM, creates the world in... Continue Reading →

TotalCon 26 in 3,273 Words

TotalCon. Where do I begin? Okay, I’m going to sum up the entire con in a single word. You might think that is difficult to do. But, here goes. AMAZING! TotalCon 26 was the most fun I’ve had at TotalCon. If you’re unfamiliar with Total Confusion, then you’re missing out. Briefly, it is the longest-running,... Continue Reading →

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