I Love Generic Systems

I love generic systems. I really do. And seeing that some of the most popular RPGs on the market are Dungeons and Dragons, the World of Darkness, and Warhammer related systems, I’m going against the curve somewhat. But playing (and playing with) generic systems has a certain joy to me, and arguably to their other fans as well.

My Friendly Local Gaming Stores

Everyone has their favorite spots, for whatever the purpose. To continue off of my last post, I’d like to share my two favorite gaming stores, from the two cities where I’ve collectively spent nearly all my life.

Why I’m Glad 4e Exists, Even Though I Don’t Use It

Since the launch of the new D&D rules, I have seen a lot of talk online (and heard a lot of talk in person) about the Pros and Cons of 4e. Some people are in love with the system and are super-excited for each new book release that WotC has planned. Some would rather eat glass than try and figure out when to use their Daily Powers.

Getting your players to care about each other

Group unity is one of the most important things in a RP game. Without it the party spends more of their time arguing amongst each other then actually playing. Players quit games because of too much stress in a party so spending a bit of extra time focusing on keeping your party on good terms is time well spent. This is a follow up to what I wrote last week about how to get your characters to work together in the first session of a game. I'd like to expound a bit on that along with talking about how to keep them together.

Jen Page is a chaotic-neutral gamer, actress, geek and our latest interview subject

If you've seen The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, you know who Luster is. If you don't know who Luster is, go watch the film. Jen Page (Luster in G:DR) is the multi-talented woman who plays the female Luster in the the flick. She's also something of a geek, gamer and SF/F afficionado as well as wrangling web pages for Wizards of the Coast and being cool enough to willingly submit to an interview with me.

The Last Minute Geek shopping sampler – Gifts for $20 or under

I don't claim to have created the comprehensive geek gift giving guide for the 2008 holiday season. What I have done is put together a pretty snappy list of ideas which are sure to spark your interest or help you fill in that list for that person who just isn't satisfied with ordinary gifts. Whether they're kids who love science or scientists who love toys - there will be something here for every geek out there. All of them under $20 I know that I would love any one of these, as would most of my friends.

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