Magazines for Wargamers – Wargaming Recon #139

The right magazines can be a huge help to wargamers. We share our picks to make your wargaming life easier. If you're expecting the traditional wargaming magazines you'll be in for a surprise. Support Jonathan through PATREON Air & Space Smithsonian American History Analog Science Fiction and Fact Biblical Archaeology Review History Today Locus: The... Continue Reading →

Great Wargaming Facebook Groups – Wargaming Recon #137

Facebook groups can be an incredible resource for wargamers. Discover 5 great Facebook groups for wargamers by listening to this episode. Support Jonathan through PATREON 5 Great Facebook Groups for Wargamers Wargames Directory (now Tabletop Wargames Network) Wargames @ BattleShades Wargames Calendar Events + Shows BARBARIANS The Historical Wargames eXchange Mailbag Via our Facebook page:... Continue Reading →

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