Kick The Box August 12th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box August 12th Edition Welcome to another glorious edition of 'Kick The Box'! We have some exciting and newly launched games hand picked by me for you this week. So, grab a cup of  your favorite liquid beverage, sit back, drool over these projects, and help drive these lads/lasses campaigns down the road... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Aug. 5th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box August 5th 2013 Edition Welcome to another weekly edition of  'Kick The Box' where I have scoured the back alleys of  the Kickstarter servers in order to bring you the most exciting and must have games to help fuel your funding addiction. Update: None. Zero. Zilch.  ZooFu: Path of the Samurai Zookeeper... Continue Reading →

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