The Games of Wrath: The Free Option

You're driving home from work late one evening. As you turn off the busy main streets into the welcome embrace of local suburbia, a handmade sign grabs your attention. Planted over top of a small table, there sits a single hardcover book: a roleplaying book. On the sign reads a single word: “Free.” I can... Continue Reading →

The Ivory Tooth of Kostoss

Looking to spice up a game with a unique item? Behold: the Ivory Tooth of Kostoss! The Tooth is a figurine, about three inches (eight centimeters) tall, carved from an enormous tooth. The tooth might better be called a fang, as its pointed shape clearly indicates. Terrible rumors are whispered about the Tooth: that anyone... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Introduction

Hello everyone. I think it's about time I introduced myself, since it's been three months since my last post here on Troll. My name's Benedict, used in full to be less confusing with Mr. Troll himself, Ben Gerber. I've been a tabletop roleplayer now for twelve or thirteen years, since the days of school lunch... Continue Reading →

Against All Odds: A Dresden Files RPG version of Vegas

Recently Adventure Capital, my gaming group, have decided that after we finish our Pathfinder campaign, we're going to take a break from pseudo-medieval RPGs for a few months and give the Dresden Files RPG a shot before we start our Fantasy Craft campaign. Even though the end of the Pathfinder game is some months away we've already started the process of fleshing out the Dresden Files campaign.

GenCon 2011 – The Recap

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of going to GenCon on behalf of Troll in the Corner. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know about the great time that I had this year. Last year was all about me running around like a chicken with my head cut... Continue Reading →

The Dresden Files RPG Followup

The postman arrived at my door a couple of months ago containing a rather heavy package from Hero Games. Turns out that this box contained the hard copies of the newly released Dresden Files RPG. What does this mean? Well you might remember that I had previously done an early review of The Dresden Files RPG based on the pre-order PDFs. I'd said that I would follow up once I'd got my hands on the physical copies and played a few games and, two story arcs later, this is that follow up.

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