Magazines for Wargamers – Wargaming Recon #139

The right magazines can be a huge help to wargamers. We share our picks to make your wargaming life easier. If you're expecting the traditional wargaming magazines you'll be in for a surprise. Support Jonathan through PATREON Air & Space Smithsonian American History Analog Science Fiction and Fact Biblical Archaeology Review History Today Locus: The... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box April 14th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box April 14th Edition Stardate 04-014-2014. I have swam the seas of infinite space searching for new games. Among my discoveries of this last week of adventure, I have crossed the paths of new reprints, and an update to a classic game board. Here is the log of my recent journeys.  Kickstarter News: Allegiance:... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box March 17th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box March 17th Edition This week we take a look at some great games coming down the pike on Kickstarter. We have a little bit of everything for everyone. Some bluffing, some worker placement styles of games, and another cooperative, horror style miniatures game.  Meet you down at the bottom of the page!... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Feb. 17th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Feb. 17th Edition This week I was trolling through the streets of Kickstarter, window shopping as I normally do, and load and behold look what I found! One whole store of new games being offered by Gryphon & Eagle Games, another store offering a tale about another war of greed starting to... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Feb. 10th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Feb. 10th Edition Well, I managed to survive the Northwest's "big freeze" this weekend. Yep! It finally snowed here. Yeah, no laughing from the rest of North America! We managed to accumulate a whole six inches in three days! Yeah, sad I know. It's been a pretty bizarre dry winter here for... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition

Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition Welcome back to this week's Kick The Box, where I have gone insane with jealousy over some people's talents in the tabletop game community on Kickstarter and feel the need to torture these people by sharing their hard work to the world! Oh wait, that's not really torture is... Continue Reading →

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