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– Belated apologies – Josh talks about the disappearance of the Hobby Desk and grovels before you!

Hobby Desk Update – Over the break Josh has been working hard on his Warhammer Fantasy Collection, plus a few great games of Flames of War.

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Mental Health and Wargaming

Josh discusses why having a hobby is great for those who suffer depression. For those who suffer depression, check out Beyond Blue

ReCast: TotalCon 2008 – Wargaming Recon #34


Due to illness and scheduling conflicts Aaron Bostian couldn’t do the show. So, NO NEW EPISODE right now. To make up for it we’re sharing this episode from the vault. The classic episode comes to you from the dark ages where the show had a different name. Since this is a CLASSIC episode some of the links, content, giveaways, contests etc may be out of date or ended.

Don’t worry! Next time we’ll be back with a NEW episode of Wargaming Recon.

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases a short show discussing some collectible miniatures (War at Sea and World of Warcraft). The highlight of the show is coverage for TotalCon 2008. This marks the first time Jonathan discussed TotalCon on the show.

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Kick The Box April 14th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

April 14th Edition

Stardate 04-014-2014. I have swam the seas of infinite space searching for new games. Among my discoveries of this last week of adventure, I have crossed the paths of new reprints, and an update to a classic game board. Here is the log of my recent journeys.

 Kickstarter News: Allegiance: A Realm Divided is 70% funded with two weeks still left in their campaign. Creative Clash is over 160% funded with a week left in their campaign. TableTop Season 3 is fully funded and will be coming to a Youtube channel near you!

Among The Stars

Project By: MAGE Company

MAGE Company is at it again! This time the fantastic game they are reprinting is the card drafting game (Like 7 Wonders) is called Among The Stars. Among The Stars is such a great game, some even have heralded it as ” The 7 Wonders Killer”. I’m not so sure about that, but am excited to finally be able to get a copy.

In Among The Stars, each player is placed in the role as an alien race after an extremely devastating war. Peace was declared and a treaty was signed by all the major alien races. One of the first decisions of this new Alliance was to build space stations to better promote trade and harmony among all alien races.

Each player will start with six cards in their hand. You will pick a card and play it, and than pass the hand to your neighbor, while receiving a new hand from your other neighbor. This might sound familiar to those who have played 7 Wonders. What separates Among the Stars from 7 Wonders is that not only is it important what you pick and pass to your neighbor, but also where in the space station you place your new location.

Shipping for US, Europe and Canada are included. Add between $10-$20 depending on your pledge level, for all other countries.

Industrial WAVE: Uniquely Designed Cribbage Board

Project By: Roland Benjamin

Industrial WAVE cribbage board

Looking for a new and unique Cribbage Board for your pegging pleasure? Wave Cribbage Boards is where it’s at than. These industrial themed Cribbage Boards add a 21st Century look to a 17th century game. The Wave Board is made out of laser cut acrylic and steel and will be shipped with custom cribbage pins.

The campaign is already fully funded and the only bummer part is that the personalized engraving  pledge level was only available to two backers. I hope more pledges with personalized graving is opened up! I think it would make a perfect gift either to yourself, a friend, or family member.

Shipping is for US only unfortunately, and  scheduled for May 2014

Monster Chef

Project By: Believe In Games

Monster Chef is a 2-4 player, 15-20 minute quick pick up and play game. Perfect game to throw on the table to entertain the early arrivers at your gaming group while waiting for the late comers to show up , to playe with your kids, or for a quick gamer fix in the evening.

Monster Chef pits you against the other players, all trying to complete recipes with the goal in mind to collect the most stars by the end of the game. Players take turns collecting recipes and ingredients. After you have the set required ingredients for a recipe, you then place it in kitchen (the center of the table). It will sit there til your next turn. While it is sitting in the kitchen, other players could possibly throw in rotten ingredients, ruining your dish. When it is your following turn, you can than serve your dish. Other players also can have their dishes served as well.

For a light game, there is still some decisions to be made and lots of fun to be had.

Shipping is included for worldwide deliveries.

Mythic Dragon Playmats

Project By: Jessica Feinberg

Fire & Ice Mat Design

Mythic Dragon Playmats provide a clean surface for any game. The size of the mats are 24’x14′ and are 1/6th’ thick. There are now five amazing designs to choose from(at the time of this writing) and possibilities of more being unlocked through stretch goals.

You can also order mouse pads and t-shirts featuring the same original dragon art created by Jessica that are also available on the playmats.

You can’t go wrong with any of these items if buying for a dragon, art or both, fanatic.

Add between $1-$32, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside the US. Shipping within the US is included.

Come back next week to see more of my findings in the universe of Kickstarter. Click Subscribe, comment, send hate mail, or all the above for comments and suggestions. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box March 17th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 17th Edition

This week we take a look at some great games coming down the pike on Kickstarter. We have a little bit of everything for everyone. Some bluffing, some worker placement styles of games, and another cooperative, horror style miniatures game.  Meet you down at the bottom of the page!

Update: Hoyuk is fully funded and quickly approaching it’s first stretch goal with two weeks left in it’s campaign. Baseball Highlights 2045 is also now fully funded with over two weeks left in their campaign. Character Meeples campaign ended, bringing in an amazing $167,188.

Pirate Den

Project By: Gamesmith LLC

Pirate Den cover (not final art)

Set sail in this casual, bluffing game, Pirates Den, created by one of the producers of the well known series called Tabletop, Boyan Radakovich.

Pirates Den is set during the golden Age of Sail. Each player represents one of the well known pirates of that era. The goal to become the richest pirate with the most buried treasure by the end of the game.

There are three different colors of 120 stones in a bag. Each color represents one of the trading companies, British East Indies Company, the Dutch East Indies Company, and the Spanish-Portuguese Empire. You grab a handful of random stones from the bag and separate them out by color. These represent the goods of the fleets that are ripe for the picking. Each player chooses a card from their action deck that not only has some fabulous artwork on it, but also has your initiative number and what color of goods you can plunder. Everyone places their chosen card face down in front of them and than simultaneously reveals them.

The player with the card that has the lowest initiative goes first. The card will also show what color(s) of stones and from who, whether other pirates are the targeted fleet,  they are able to plunder. Also, one of the action cards is called Buried. With this card, you don’t plunder any loot that turn, but you are able to ‘bury’ your loot and turn it into buried treasure. This gives the game a push your luck element to an already simple, strategic game of greed. Set sail among the seas, plundering and hiding your loot to victory!

Shipping within US is included. Add $14 to most of the pledge levels for shipping outside the US.

Epic Resort

Project By: Ben Harkins

Every great hero and heroine  that has just finished clearing a dungeon and dispatching big old meanie monsters and evil no-gooders need a place for some R&R. That is your job!

In Epic Resort, you and your competition are trying to build the most prestigious resort to attract the tired heroes/heroines and other tourists to your little paradise.  But, unfortunately the heroes come with a price. What you aren’t aware of is that some of the heroes have had some pissed off monsters following them to exact revenge upon their lost goods, and unfortunately your resort might be in the wake of their vengeance. Will the heroes help when they are suppose to be relaxing, losing valuable hit points? Or, will they just let parts of your resort be destroyed and tourists eaten?

During each round, you are able to partake one action. This action can be one of many choices, including building your deck of workers for your resort, placing these workers upon your resort, upgrading your resort, or attracting heroes, which can be used to either defend your resort and tourists, or  count towards your Victory Point total depending on their hit points, or attracting tourists from the Dock for gold.

Epic Resort is a 2-4 player game with many attributes and decisions to be made to help propel your resort to Epic Resort status.

Different pledge levels for different shipping availability.

Pay Dirt

Project By: Crash Games

In Pay Dirt, designed byTory Niemann, creator of Alien Frontiers, you and your hotshot dirt diggers head up to Alaska to try to strike it rich before the weather gets too cold, stopping all work and ending the game.

Pay Dirt is a two – four player auction and worker placement game.He/she with the most gold at the end of the game wins. The catch, is you have to spend your precious gold to acquire dirt, upgrade your equipment and personnel, during the auction phase. Do you spend all of your gold early upgrading all that you can? Or, do you just play it safe and use the crappy equipment and personnel you have and just buy the scrap leftovers of pay dirt, and try the quantity over quality method? Or, can you strike a balance somewhere in between? The choices are all yours.

The campaign offers different pledge levels for different shipping.

Fireteam Zero

Project By: Emergent Games

Fireteam Zero pits competent soldiers against deadly monsters in this 2-4 player cooperative survival horror game. Lead your squad of mercenaries into a battle of epic proportions to defend mankind against the spawning hordes of evil and destroy the artifacts that are causing the spawn of the monsters.

As you progress through the scenarios you are able to upgrade your skills, gear, and abilities that will help you save humankind from these parasitical evil beings.

Grab just the core box, or add on expansions that you want, or pledge at the War Chest level and receive the whole bloody enchilada. The choice is yours.

Shipping within US is included. Add between $20-$35 to your pledge, depending on your pledge level, to ship outside the US.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and catch up on the happenings of Kickstarter. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions and come back next week to see what surprises we have in store for you.

Kick The Box Feb. 17th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 17th Edition

This week I was trolling through the streets of Kickstarter, window shopping as I normally do, and load and behold look what I found! One whole store of new games being offered by Gryphon & Eagle Games, another store offering a tale about another war of greed starting to take seed in a faraway land, a dungeon delving twist on Scrabble, and some team work by a group of warriors in hopes of joining a prestigious army of defenders.

Updates: oddball Aeronaughts has had a slow start, but they are starting to gain some amazing ground as they surge past their pledge level this last week and onto their stretch goals! Lagoon:Land of the Druids is also not only fully funded, but over three times it’s pledge level, and still has thirteen days to go as of this writing! Congratulations to both!

War of Kings

Project by: Heath & Seth Robinson

Grab your crown and rally your followers. It is time to spread your rule via conquest and construction across the land and claim the title Emperor of all of Arowyth. War of Kings is a 2 to 6 player strategic, economic conquest game set in medieval times. Collect resources, fortify your settlements, attack your opponents, use the local Marauders to wreak havoc on your opponents, and defend your rightful postion as Emperor.

No one is content with sharing the fruits of the land. They all want all of it.

Shipping within US is included. Add $40 to your pledge level for International Shipping

Games of Art

Project by Gryphon & Eagle Games

Games of Art Kickstarter campaign is unique in what it has to offer. They are offering new versions of two older games, and one new game. There are also several different games and expansions that can be added as add ons.

There is a new revised  edition of Fantastiqua, some new expansions that will work for both this new Rucksack version, or the Enchanted version. A revised edition of Pastiche called Petite Pastiche, where players are given the opportunity to mix colors  of 23 different classic European and American artists, plus a new type of game called Games of Art that uses pens and drawing to score points.

Shipping within US is included. All other shipping possibilities are listed at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Dungeon Scroll

Project by: Game Salute

What does one get when they cross Scrabble and a Card Based Dungeon Crawl? Well, you get Dungeon Scroll.

Players use their hand of cards with letters to try to make words based on the specific rules of the dungeon room or beast that has been drawn. Challenges like “Only words that begin and end with a vowel are accepted”, or “players maybe able to cast multiple words for a challenge,” will test and strain your pool of vocabulary.

After a player creates a word, they place the rest of the cards in their hand face down, signaling they have completed their word for that round. They, than, flip over the timer, giving the remaining players thirty seconds to complete their word and lay their unused hand of cards face down.

The qualifying words that are worth the most points wins the gold for that round. He/she who has earned the most gold at the end of the game, of course, wins.

Shipping within US is included. International shipping is revealed within the pledge level.

Grand Tactics

Project by:Eric Stover

Every three years, in the city of Matilda, the Lord declares an event to be held in the town square to showcase the teamwork and abilities of a group of warriors. These teams are willing to lay their lives on the line for the chance to be one of the chosen to join the prestigious ranks of the Defenders of Matilda.

The game mechanics and art style has a visual resemblance of classic video game tactic games like Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics. Two players draw four combatants to fill their team. Than the two teams are pitted against one another in the town square of Matilda. The last team standing is declared victor and joins the ranks of the Defenders.

Shipping within US included. Add $40 for International Shipping.

There you have it. This week’s picks during my window shopping adventure through the streets of Kickstarter. Did you happen to see something that I had missed? Feel free to leave any comments down below, and until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box Feb. 10th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 10th Edition

Well, I managed to survive the Northwest’s “big freeze” this weekend. Yep! It finally snowed here. Yeah, no laughing from the rest of North America! We managed to accumulate a whole six inches in three days! Yeah, sad I know. It’s been a pretty bizarre dry winter here for once, but ANYWAYS! Your not here to listen to me yak about the weather, your here to see what games and game accessories I’ve chosen this week to cover and what is so great about them! So, On with the the show!

Update: Tiny Epic Kingdom finishes it’s amazing Kickstarter campaign with over a whopping $280,000 pledged. Eternal Dynasty is fully funded with a week left to go. If generational politics and intrigue is something your interested in, than it’s not to late to head over to their campaign and help them kick down some of their pledge goals.

Heroes Wanted

Project by: Action Phase Games

Become one of the elite super hero’s of Zeta City!

You create a super hero by combining the torso half of your character card with a bottom half character card, creating a complete superhero persona. Each half contain special abilities that you’ll be able to use through out the game. The goal is to gain the most fame so you will be welcomed into the exclusive Champions of Zeta City group!

Run or fly around the city trying to KO minions of a villain, completing headlines, thwarting the villain’s evil plans, or just by making other new super heroes lives miserable. Choose from one of the four scenarios included in the game and get to work!

Different pledge levels for shipping within US and shipping internationally.

Lagoon: Land of the Druids

Project by: David Chott

Midpoint of 2 player game. Each player has a stack of unraveled sites and acquired seed tokens at bottom left and right.

The rise of man has divided the once balanced source of magic in Lagoon into three different spiritual energies that are now vying for dominance. This tile laying game of 2-4 players has each player controlling a Circle of Druids trying to twist and bend the three energies to their will.

The goal of the game is to have the most seeds of the dominant energy at the end of the game. So, throughout the game there is no clear path to victory. You may have the most Vowelon seeds(red tiles/seeds), but there might be more Deonin (blue tile/seeds)tiles out in the world, so the person who has the most blue seeds has sided with the dominant energy and wins the game.

There are different pledge levels for various shipping needs.


Project by: Aviary Games

Alchemy is a card game that (now with stretch goals unlocked) will support 2-8 players. A group of Apprentice Alchemists are competing to show their Master Alchemist who can make the most potions the fastest. But, the catch is all of you will be sharing the same lab and will be competing for the same components to make these potions.

Everyone will be trying to gather the face up elements to dump into their respective cauldrons. Gather the necessary elements needed to complete the potion you’ve decided upon, from your cauldron, into your vial. But, watch out! Make sure you are paying attention to what potions the other students are creating! If they happen to be trying to fill their vial with the same potion, and are able to succeed before you do, you may have to dump out all of the contents of your vial and start all over!

Shipping within US included. Add $15-$20, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside of the US.

oddball Aeronaughts

Project by: maverick:muse

It seems like a the new wave of modern board games are taking a  ‘bigger is better’ approach to their development, which is not a bad thing by any means. But it is also great to see card/board games come along that are trying to add strategy and depth of a tabletop card game into the palm of your hand.

That’s exactly what oddball Aeronaughts does. It is the only card/board game that I know of that you truly don’t need a table to play. It is a two player, mobile, on the go, portable card game that you can play anywhere. Standing in line at the movie theater, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, lunch breaks, and wherever else you have 10 or 15 minutes to play a quick card game. Not only is the game gorgeous to look at, but it also has more depth and strategy to it than you can shake a sword at.

Worldwide shipping is included.

That rounds out this week’s picks. As always, leave any comments and suggestions down below. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition

Kick The Box

Jan. 20th Edition

Welcome back to this week’s Kick The Box, where I have gone insane with jealousy over some people’s talents in the tabletop game community on Kickstarter and feel the need to torture these people by sharing their hard work to the world! Oh wait, that’s not really torture is it?

This week, my findings include a new deck of playing cards that any card player or collector must have, plus a couple of interesting game accessories, and  a new Western themed game by Mr. B. Games.

Update: Tiny Epic Kingdom has demolished the $100,000 pledge barrier with over two weeks to go!  Chaosmos has kicked over the $70,000 mark and only needs little less than $30,000 for the modular board! Four Tribes is fully funded with five stretch goals unlocked with a full two weeks left of it’s Kickstarter campaign!

Custom Dice For Horror Themed Arkham and Eldritch Games!

Project by: Tom Wilfong


Here’s something for you Eldritch and Arkham Horror fans to pimp out your game or games with: Custom Normal, Blessed, and Cursed Dice in the colors of green, blue, and red. The Elder Sign is the dominant sign for the success rolls, with the numbers in the corners. Even though the dice are created specifically with Eldritch and Arkham Horror in mind, they can be still be used as regular dice if you so choose.

Are you tired of  having to use a cup or a bowl for your monster chips? Then Tom has the answer for that also. For an extra $4 you can order a dice bag  with an Elder Sign printed on it that would replace your “monster cup” for a more thematic look and feel.

Shipping included in US. For International Shipping, add between $10-$30 depending on your pledge level.

Dragon Dynasty Bicycle Playing Cards – Returns!

Project by: Yuk Wah

It seems like at least once a month, there is a new set of playing cards on Kickstarter that are so gorgeous , that I can’t help but showcase them in one of my weekly articles. These Dragon Dynasty Playing Cards by Yuk Wah are no exception. These hand drawn cards have an unique style and look to them that I haven’t seen on any other playing cards.

The Ace’s posted here are only a taste of what is on the Kickstarter page. Be sure to head over there to see the rest of the art and cards posted and get yourself a deck or two.

I would love to play a game of Cribbage with these cards!

Free shipping within US and UK. Check the pledge levels for International shipping listing.

Customizable 3D Printed Tabletop Miniatures

Project by: Hero Forge

Customize and materialize!

The web UI design of Hero Forge is for one thing, and one thing only. Customized Miniatures!

That is right, from pen and paper, to pixels, to plastic, your newly created pen and paper character can be fully realized as a miniature. The example in their Kickstarter video of Hero Forge’s web UI is only a small morsel of the eight course meal Hero Forge has in store for Role Playing fans everywhere.

Their initial theme is fantasy character models and weapons, but their goal is,with enough funding, is to add other thematic character genres such as Cyberpunk, Western, Superheros, Pulp, and more to their web design. So, it doesn’t matter what world you play in, they will have the character model and parts you need to create your own customized miniature.

Shipping within US is included . For International shipping, add $15-$50 for to your pledge level, depending on your pledge level.

Spurs: A Tale of the Old West

Project by Mr. B Games

In Mr. B  Games latest foray into Kickstarter, you take on a role of one of the classic Western archetype. Herding cattle, robbing banks,  hunting animals, and other activities all net you a profit. But, be careful as your saddle bags grow heavier, other players may turn against you and try to rob you! Be the first to amass fame and fortune, either by honest hard work, or via outlaw style.

This is a 2-5 player game with a sixth player expansion available as an add-on.

Shipping is handled with different pledge levels depending on where you live.

That’s it for this week! Come back next week as I show you some more must haves in the land of Kickstarters.

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