DNDNext First Impressions

So, for those of you that missed it, the upcoming rules set of D&D has entered a public beta, and you can sign up now over at Wizards of the Coast (be careful, there's still some server load and issues with download links. Check their Twitter for help if needed.) I've been looking forward to... Continue Reading →

In Defense of 4e

  Wizards of the Coast announced this week they are working on Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Unlike previous releases they are now courting player input. Many long-time players were upset by 4th edition. They often referred to it as World of Warcraft with pen and paper. As a relative newcomer to D&D I think... Continue Reading →

Here’s Jonathan

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself “not another new guy!” Hopefully you’re instead asking yourself, with eager anticipation, who is this Jonathan person? Maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to unleash 20 questions for me to answer. To save the awkwardness of spending time creating and filling out questionnaires please allow me... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder is Magical

Greetings readers, Sean Holland from the Sea of Stars here again.  Having looked at Divine Products, we now continue our look at supplementary material for Paizo's Pathfinder RPG, we move into one of the widest area of products: supplement for magic.  We will look at support for both arcane magic classes and collections of new... Continue Reading →

Divine Pathfinder Products

Hello Good Readers, Sean Holland of the Sea of Stars here, I have been kindly invited to do a biweekly column on new Pathfinder and OGL products for Troll in the Corner.  Since so much material has been coming out for Pathfinder, and a lesser amount for OGL games, I thought it best to start... Continue Reading →

Con Report: Origins 2011 Recap

I managed to get my daily updates for Origins done for at least the first three days of the convention. I was hoping to be able to get daily info posted for each day of the convention, but by the time Saturday rolled around, I barely knew what to do with myself. This convention, much... Continue Reading →

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