EXTRA LIFE 2016 IS HERE – Live updates all day long!

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For my fifth year, I’m taking part in Extra Life! We’ll be playing games with a bunch of awesome people all day today right through to tomorrow (25 hours, yikes!) to raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Join us via this live stream to see what we’re doing!

Extra Life is a 403(b) Charitable Organization dedicated to healing sick and injured kids. This will be my 5th year supporting this awesome charity. Here’s how it works. Once a year, folks like you join my team, create their own, or sponsor us as we play games for 24 hours straight. All of the money raised – 100% – goes to children’s hospitals around the country and the world. And any donations are tax deductible! If you want to donate – please do so here!

Also, since I’ve met my goal, the beard goes! Here’s one of the last pictures of this year’s EL beard.


Also, don’t forget that at 2AM this Sunday – it’s Daylight Savings Thing Time!


We got a few extra games in the night-of – Started with the silly Animal upon Animal and then some deck building fun with Dominion and DC.

20161104_191327 20161104_192310

Right, off to play some solo games and get that coffee going!



A big thanks to Cool Mini or Not for sponsoring our Extra Life event!


Excellent gamers and game makers Cool Mini or Not stepped up and provided us with two titles for our Extra Life game day! Thanks so much for the copies of Rivet Wars Eastern Front and Kaos Ball!


Extra Life is a non-profit organization working with children’s hospitals around the world to raise money to heal sick and injured kids. Every year my family and I run a 24 hour game day for the cause, playing games all day long and being sponsored by people like you! If you’d like to sponsor me, here’s the link. Every dollar counts, 100% of the donations go to children’s hospitals and it’s tax deductible.


Thanks again to Cool Mini or Not and everyone who donates, plays and participates!

Extra Life 2016 – Five years of helping kids and playing games!


Hard to believe that come November 5th, I’ll be hosting my 5th Extra Life game day! In that time I’ve raised over $9000 for children’s hospitals and Team Troll has raised over $18000! Why do this? Not only is it a great and worthy cause, but my now nearly 11 year old daughter has spent a good amount of time at Boston Children’s Hospital and we know what good work they do. She’s also been an incurable gamer for pretty much her entire life!

First and foremost, if you’d like to donate to my campaign, click this here link! You should know that I’m looking to raise at least $2200 this year. If I hit my goal, I will (as I have the pst four years) shave off all of my facial hair. No beard, no mustache, no goatee, no sideburns – no nuthin! I’m also toying with the idea of perhaps dyeing my hair a funky color like green if I get way past my goal.

What is Extra Life? It’s a 501(3)c charitable organization tied in with the Children’s Miracle Network who raise money to help fund children’s hospitals around the world. In this event, participants go on a marathon gaming session, this year it’s 25 hours! In a row! Thanks daylight savings time! I’ll be playing games for 25 hours and you’ll be sponsoring me to do so. Together we’ll raise money and help kids get better.

Throughout the day I host a what’s essentially a small board game convention at my house. My wife and kids are a driving force behind this and we have a rotating cast of awesome folks who drop by to play games, help keep me awake and focused and help to raise money for the cause themselves! I’ve included a batch of photos from last years event at the bottom of the post if you are curious.

Over the next few months I’ll be doing several things – first and foremost I’ll be asking everyone under the sun to contribute to my Extra Life page. That’s how I raise money for this awesome charity. As I mentioned with the mini-convention, we have tons of folks stopping by (usually upwards of 40 people throughout the day). I like to have games handy for them to take home as encouragement to get them out, playing and donating! To this end, my wife and I supply some of the games but we also ask publishers for donations. These donations we use towards several purposes. We give ’em out to participants at my event and some other team member’s events. We also select a few and play them on our game day.

That’s the scoop! You’ll be hearing more about it as November 5th draws closer, I’m sure! Now here’s some photos from last year’s event!

20151107_062259 20151107_065901 20151107_074637 20151107_112004 20151107_131216 jaipu2

The Extra Life 2015 Campaign Kicks Off! Let’s raise some money for children’s hospitals and play a ton of games!


It’s that time of year again! I’m officially kicking off my Extra Life 2015 campaign! I’ve got until November 7th for Team Troll and I to raise as much as we can for children’s hospitals around the country.

I’m going to attempt to raise $2500 this year – which is a lot! So if you have a buck or maybe 2,500 bucks to spare, please consider donating! 100% of the proceeds raised goes directly to the hospitals.

This will be my 4th year raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital – and as always I do this not just for ‘the kids’ but for my kid. My youngest daughter was born with a unilateral cleft lip. When we brought her home from China at two and a half years old, she faced a number of lengthy and involved surgeries.

Now at nearly 10 years old, she is not only thriving but is a beautiful, wonderful (board game loving) child! We owe an awful lot to the doctors, nurses and staff at Boston Children’s. They literally changed our daughter’s life for the better.

She’s not done yet though, with at least one more major surgery in her future, we’ll continue to support Boston Children’s by playing games and taking names!

In my first three Extra Life events I’ve raised $6,541.00 total. Each year we host a tiny, miniature convention at our home and enlist a few select team members for Team Troll to do the same. This year will be no different! A select group of amazing publishers have donated to our cause over the years for prize and game support.



The Beard Challenge

Every year I also do a BEARD CHALLENGE! If and only if I can make my goal of $2500 or more, I will shave off the lovely beard I’ve been spending the last few months growing. There’s only one time a year you’ll ever find me clean shaven, and that’s the morning after an Extra Life event!

Beard Challenge Accepted!
Beard Challenge Accepted!

Publisher Support

The following publishers have lent their support to the Team Troll Extra Life efforts! A huge thanks goes out to them!

Alderac Entertainment Group 

Greater Than Games

Calliope Games

Indie Boards and Cards

Privateer Press

Thanks so much!


Looking Back on 2014 – Wargaming Recon #127

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.30.49 PM

Looking Back on 2014

The 2014 podcast season has been incredible! Almost 23,000 people tuned in this year. With the help of listeners like Y-O-U we raised over $400 for charity. Listen to this episode to hear what else made 2014 special.

This episode discussed:

Top 10 Episodes of 2014

  1. Ep 119: Henry Hyde Wargaming Author
  2. Ep 123: The Great Wargaming Survey (with Jasper Oorthuys)
  3. ReCast #2: Electronic Gaming & Censorship
  4. Ep 124: Paper Terrain
  5. Ep 125: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 with Aaron Bostian
  6. Ep 114: 5 Tips to Turn OFF a Potential Wargamer
  7. Ep 113: Are Painted Minis Essential to Miniatures Wargaming?
  8. Ep 107: Turn Your Girlfriend Into a Gamer with Aaron Bostian
  9. Ep 117: Great Wargamer Destinations
  10. Ep 118: Kickstarter for Wargamers

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The worst day


Yesterday turned out to be not a good day for me. Last night I achieved perhaps 3 hours of actual sleep. I wake up at 4:20 in the morning to get ready for work and I was not happy to do so.

As I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, I heard the upstairs bathroom door close. A moment later, my youngest daughter wandered downstairs to give me a hug and say “I love you”.

I was reminded of lots of important things at that moment. One of them is that, without Boston Children’s Hospital and one particularly gifted surgeon, she literally would not have been able to speak those words to me.

That’s why I support Extra Life. 

In the abstract it’s a wonderful charity that does great things for kids through the Children’s Miracle Network. In a very concrete way, one of the hospitals this charity supports reconstructed my then 2.5 year old daughter’s face over a series of operations that repaired her cleft lip. 

She’s still got a long road ahead of her, with more surgery in the near future, and while no one is looking forward to it, we know we’ll be in superb hands. We _know_ that everyone at the hospital will do their best and that our daughter will have a richer life for it. 

So if you have a dollar, I’d ask you to please donate. 100% of every dollar you give goes to the hospitals to support important, life saving, life changing programs. 

We all have bad days, so let’s support those folks who’ll need it on what may be the worst day of their lives. The kids who will face illness, injury and corrective surgery and the families that face these things right along with them. 


Great Wargamer Destinations – Wargaming Recon #117

Yorktown battlefield sign

Great Wargamer Destinations

Summer is a time to relax and go on vacation. Why not also gather some inspiration for wargaming to boot?

Jonathan shares a few of his favorite wargamer destinations. If we didn’t cover one of your’s, then please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail at cwfgamecast@wargamingforums.com.

Scale Military Modeller International
The June 2014 issue is briefly, very briefly, reviewed. It is worth picking up if you can. The cost is 4.25 GBP. Visit Scale Military Modeller International for more information.

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4th Annual Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle is here! Over $240 worth of product for $20

The  4th  Annual  Wayne  Foundation  Charity  RPG  Bundle  is here!

Buy it now – $240+ worth of RPGs, Original Art, Comics and Fiction for $20


On  sale  June  22   through  June  29,  exclusively  through  DriveThruRPG,  this  bundle  offers  over  $225  worth  of  RPG   products,  fiction  and  artwork  for  just  $20!    You’ll  be  paying  just  under  9%  of  the  total  retail  value,  and  every  cent  of  profit  made  from  the  sale  of  this  bundle  goes  directly  to  The  Wayne  Foundation   –  a  501(c)(3)  charitable  organization.

The  Wayne  Foundation  is  committed  to  spreading  awareness  of  CSEC  (Commercial  Sexual   Exploitation  of  Children)  and  building  a  rehabilitation  facility  for  victims  DMST  (Domestic  Minor   Sexual  Trafficking). They’re  working  hard  to  get  child  sex  workers  the  help  they  deserve  to  live   normal  lives. What  do  you  get  for  your  $20?  You  get  all  of  these  products  listed  below  (in  no  particular  order),   and  more!  Visit tiny.cc/TWF-RPG  to  purchase  the  bundle!

• Melior  Via  –  Hope  Prep,  Accursed,  Universal  Space  Combat  Battle  Map

• Evil  Hat  Productions  –  Don’t  Read  This  Book

• Imperfekt  Games  –  Invulnerable  –  Super  Hero  RPG:  Vigilante  Edition

• Mount  Zion  Press  –  All  for  me  Grog

• Ennead  Games  –  Campign  Chunk,  Cult  Name,  Fantasy  Feats  IV

• Mithril  and  Mages  –  Three  different  Name  Spaces

• Rocks  Falls  Games  LLC  –  Dungeons  by  the  Level,  2  Studies  of  Decay,    2  Adventures  in   Awesfur

• Toxic  Bag  –  Battles  of  the  Zombie  Apocalypse,  Ghosts  in  the  Graveyard,  Horror  Soundpack,   Fantasy  Dragons

• Steve  Keller  –  Generala

• Wargaming  Recon  Podcasts  –  a  few  hand  picked  episodes

• Brent  P.  Newhall’s  Musaeum  –  Murderhobos,  Mystery  of  the  Shattered  World

• Crooked  Staff  Publishing  –  Megadungeon  Level  1  Map  Pack

• Critical  Hits  Studios  –  Criminals  Print  and  Play

• Zero  Point  Information  –  Aeternal  Legends

• Cumberland  Games  –  Risus:  A  Kringle  in  Time,  Sparks:  Dan  Smith  Stockpile,  HexPaper,   Points  in  Space  1:  Starport  Locations,  Uresia:  Grave  of  Heaven  and  Caravel

• Ashe  Rhder  –  Black  Briar,  Sounding  Fury,  Sunburn  (Original  Art)

• Dilly  Green  Bean  Games  –  Ka-­?Pookie  Theater

• Eric  Orchard  –  Marrowbones  Double  Issue

• Khairul  Hisham  –  Four  pieces  of  original  RPG  Artwork

• Troll  in  the  Corner  –  Various  and  sundry  RPGs,  expansions,  Print  and  Play  games  and   Fiction

• Soap  Box  Productions  –  Lost  on  the  Road,  Train  Ride  into  Darkness

• FableForge  –  Enter  the  Shadowside,  Greater  Thelema  Society,  SCaV3NG3R

• Studio187  –  Rogue  Chess  Decks  1  &  2


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